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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Eureka Valley
Death Valley National Park

A Ride in the Sun photo
Eureka Valley in season ten's "A Ride In The Sun", February 1969.

       Eureka Valley rests in the northeast corner of Death Valley National Park, a good four hour drive from Los Angeles.  For the story settings in the desert sequences in season ten's "A Ride In The Sun", this large valley with sand dunes was chosen for filming, and the only time ever seen on "Bonanza".

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To see enlargements, please click on the photos below!

Eureka Valley photo
Eureka Valley in 1998.

Eureka sand dunes photo
Day use area at Eureka sand dunes, Eureka Valley in 2002.  Highest sand dune in the U.S. at 700 feet.  Home of the singing sand dune.

Eureka Valley photo
Full moon over sand dune.

DIRECTIONS: From Los Angeles, Take I-5 to north to the Antelope Valley Freeway, east and continue for 3 hours until you reach the Hwy 395 Junction and go north on it.  After passing Lone Pine, proceed on Hwy 395 until you see Big Pine Road, State Route 168 and make a right turn.  In a few miles you will again turn right on Death Valley Road and this will take you 44 miles to the Eureka Sand Dunes, the tallest in California and North America and where Bonanza was made!

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