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Cast Biographies
David Canary


Born: August 25, 1938-November 16, 2015
Birthplace: Elwood, Indiana
Height: 5' 11-1/2"
Height in Costume: 6' 2"
Weight: 170
Eyes: Blue
Character: Candy Canaday

        Two years after Pernell Roberts left Bonanza, a new character was brought in to fill the gap and add more spark to the series.
       David Canary was perfectly cast as "Candy" Canaday, the honorary Foreman of the Ponderosa ranch.
       Candy was very close to the Cartwright clan, and became entangled in many of their adventures.
       David Canary was familiar to the audiences of the time, having come from a role on Peyton Place, and The Young Doctors.  He was also active on stage, and in off-Broadway plays, including stage plays when he was in the army.  He was superb in 1966's Hombre, with Paul Newman, which got him the attention of Bonanza creator, David Dortort, in 1967.
       After not giving him a raise in salary, Canary left Bonanza in 1970, and tried his hand at writing and producing, but that was futile.  Michael Landon and David Dortort called him in May of 1972, just prior to Dan Blocker's untimely demise. They wanted Canary back on the show, so he agreed to return and signed a new contract for a higher salary.
       Following Bonanza, he played heavies in television and worked on soap operas.  Since 1983, he has been on All My Children, where he has won five Emmys, playing the dual role of twins Adam and Stuart Chandler.  He recently hosted The Bonanza Extravaganza in September of 1999 for PAX-TV.


Visit the IMDb for David Canary's filmography!

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