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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa

Garner Ranch, Idyllwild
San Bernadino National Forest
Riverside County, California

     The above shots are from 13's "The Grand Swing", made June 1971. The below shots are January 1971 stock footage of Hal Burton doubling Michael on his stunt Paint horse, seen in 12's "An Earthquake Called Callahan".

"The Reluctant American"

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       Jack Garner Ranch at Idyllwild is located in the San Bernadino National Forest.  Its elevation is 5,300 feet above sea level.  The nearest town is the farmland community of Hemet.  Its former name was Strawberry Valley, because of the crops raised and harvested there.  The lush region is where Sierra footage was filmed for selected episodes in seasons twelve and thirteen.  The stock footage was filmed in June of 1970 at Idyllwild.  It is featured in twelve's "A Deck of Aces", "The Reluctant American", and "A Time to Die". The shots were filmed in the valley, pine forest, and river.

       The cast and crew returned a few months later in late January 1971 to film stock footage of Hal Burton horseback doubling Joe, on Michael Landon's stunt Paint horse at the river and valley.  This footage was shot while filming the locals for season twelve's "An Earthquake Called Callahan", later aired on April 11, 1971.  Season thirteen would showcase Garner Ranch in "The Grand Swing". The desert segments were filmed in Patagonia, Arizona. The episode was filmed in June of 1971.

DIRECTIONS (from Los Angeles): Take the 10 Freeway to Banning.  Exit on 8th Street (Hwy 243 Idyllwild Sign).  Drive on into the valley.

DIRECTIONS (from San Diego): Take the 15 Freeway north, exit Winchester Road exit, eastbound, follow the road through Temecula.  Follow the road through the farmland community of Hemet and the Domenigoni Reservoir on Domenigoni Road.  Make a left on State Street, than a right on Florida.  Florida becomes Route 79 and follow up to Mountain Center.  Make a left at Mountain Center (Hwy 243) and follow Hwy 243 into Idyllwild and Strawberry Valley.

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