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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Grandview Point
Big Bear Lake, California

Grandview Point photo
Photo is courtesy of John Daskam and Marcus Dietz
at Big Bear Today Magazine.

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Grandview Point photo

       Grandview Point is a lovely vistapoint above the Cedar Lake area and was featured in portions of only two early classics, "The Hanging Posse" and "The Last Hunt" in 1959.

DIRECTIONS: (From Los Angeles) Take Interstate 10 east to Running Springs exit in Redlands (junction of Highway 30 and Highway 330) and follow Highway 30 to Highway 330 to Highway 18 and turn right and you will drive across the dam over Big Bear Lake.  Then make a right turn on Highway 38 and after a few miles, you will see Millcreek Road and make a left turn on it.  Slowly drive up Millcreek Road until you see service road 2N10 (Skyline Drive), which will take you several hundred feet along the south ridge above Big Bear Valley.  The film site at is at the top of 2N10 at Grandview Point.

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