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Nevada Beach - 2
South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Nevada Beach Photo 3Nevada Beach Photo 4Nevada Beach Photo 5

Nevada Beach Photo 6Nevada Beach Photo 7

Lovely Nevada Beach from where the shore meets the water in October 2002.

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Below from left-to-right: zoom shots looking at Eagle Point and Timber Cove, then over to the right at Mount Tallac across the water.  Rubicon Bay is off to the right of that, and a pair of geese are seen getting their morning workout.

Nevada Beach Photo 8Nevada Beach Photo 9Nevada Beach Photo 10

Nevada Beach Photo 11Nevada Beach Photo 12Nevada Beach Photo 13

Nevada Beach Photo 14Nevada Beach Photo 15Nevada Beach Photo 16

Nevada Beach Photo 17

Zooming in on the California shore with much greater clarity and details.

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Nevada Beach Photo 18Nevada Beach Photo 19Nevada Beach Photo 20

Nevada Beach Photo 21Nevada Beach Photo 22

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Nevada Beach Photo 23Nevada Beach Photo 24Nevada Beach Photo 25

Nevada Beach Photo 26Nevada Beach Photo 27Nevada Beach Photo 28

Nevada Beach Photo 29Nevada Beach Photo 30Nevada Beach Photo 31

Zoom shots of the California shoreline 12 miles across the water from Nevada Beach.

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Nevada Beach Photo 32Nevada Beach Photo 33Nevada Beach Photo 34

From left to right~Looking at the Stateline into California at South Lake Tahoe.  The face of Heavenly void of snow, over to the valley and south shore, and then to Mount Tallac and Rubicon Bay across the lake.

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Nevada Beach Photo 35Nevada Beach Photo 36Nevada Beach Photo 37

Nevada Beach Photo 38Nevada Beach Photo 39Nevada Beach Photo 40

The view from where the three Cartwrights rode for the opening credits in June 1965 for the seventh season.  This is what it would look like 38 years ago had you been on horseback, except today, the lush grasses are no longer covering the beach along with the many trees that were on the shoreline, and a few things have changed at the south shore.  The view is still priceless and so is the serenity.

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