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       The Lazy RR Ranch at Patagonia was featured in twelve's "Top Hand" in filmed cuts of the Cartwrights, trail hands and wild horses, in the rolling hills, with oak, willow, cottonwood and Arizona nut trees.  The lake scenes were also filmed in the same region.  The grand vistas and rolling hills of grasslands stretch for miles, and nearby is breathtaking San Rafael Valley.

       The other region where shots were filmed at, was a ranch outside town, over by the Sharp Ranch, seen in "Top Hand" with the ranch house, barn, and corral. It was also used in thirteen's "The Grand Swing" and "Bushwhacked!".

DIRECTIONS (from Tucson): Take I-10 east towards El Paso.  Approximately 17 miles east of Tucson, get off at the Hwy 83 exit--Sonita/ Patagonia.  Head south on Hwy 83 for 24 miles to the stop sign at the crossroads of Hwy 83 and Hwy 82.  To reach Patagonia, turn right (west) on Hwy 82.

DIRECTIONS (from Nogales): Take Hwy 82 north for 19 miles and you will reach downtown Patagonia.

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