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Zephyr Cove
South Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Zephyr Cove Photo 1
Zephyr Cove in May of 2002 where season nine's "Showdown At Tahoe" was filmed at in September of 1967.

Zephyr Cove Photo 2
A family of hungry geese waiting to be fed.

Zephyr Cove Photo 3
Across the lake the snow-capped mountains of the California side of Lake Tahoe.

Zephyr Cove Photo 4

       This is the beautiful east shore of Lake Tahoe, where the action-paced and suspenseful episode "Showdown At Tahoe" was made at in September of 1967, the only one ever at the sandy beaches of Zephyr Cove in Bonanza's history of filming in Nevada.  The opening scene of Candy (David Canary) was also filmed here along the beach, nestled under the Ponderosa pines!

Zephyr Cove Photo 5
On the beach, waiting for the Dixie M.S.II, to arrive at the pier landing, with the north beach stretching along the lakeshore.

Zephyr Cove Photo 6
Looking towards the south beach at Zephyr Cove, what a beautiful day.

Zephyr Cove Photo 7
The Dixie arrives and this time Jamison Fillmore and his cunning gang are nowhere to be seen to hijack it!

Zephyr Cove Photo 8
The pierwalk to the Dixie, where I was surrounded by blue waters and a cool summer breeze!

Zephyr Cove PhotoZephyr Cove PhotoZephyr Cove Photo
Zephyr Cove Photo

To see enlargements, please click on the photos above!

DIRECTIONS From South Lake Tahoe: Drive from the south shore along Hwy 50, going east towards Zephyr Cove and Marla Bay, and within 20 minutes it will be on your left side of Hwy 50.  There are signs directing you to parking, the beach, and the marina!

Click for photos!Visit SHORELINE WEDDINGS at Zephyr Cove Resort!

Hot Link!Visit East Shore (south) -- Zephyr Cove!

Click for photos!Visit the RSN Cam at Zephyr Cove - Lake Tahoe

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