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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Episode Guide
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Little Joe, Ben and Hoss!
Season Eight...1966-1967
Bonanza: The Lost Episodes:
Nineteen Episodes Included

The Golden Years Close:
Great Dramas And Comedies

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236.) Something Hurt, Something Wild
         September 11, 1966
         Written by:
 William R. Cox
         Directed by: William Witney
         Lost Episode

         The Cartwrights' friendship with a neighboring rancher is threatened by his mentally unstable daughter, in this highlight of the series. First episode filmed for the eighth season.

         Guest Stars: Laurie Ferguson...Lynn Loring,...Jed Ferguson...Lyle Bettger,...Stark...Ron Foster,...Cleve Ferguson...Erik Holland,...Bret...David Pritchard,...Bartender...Bruno Ve Sota,...Clerk...Bruce MacFarlane,...Bob Miles (uncredited; outdoor stunt double for Michael Landon & stunt double for Erik Holland),...Bill Clark (uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker).

         Trivia: Lyle Bettger as Laurie's father, previously seen in season three's, "The Guilty", and Ron Foster, as a Ponderosa cowhand who tries his luck with Laurie, who winds up shooting him.

         Stunt Trivia: In the saloon fight with Joe and Cleve, you see Michael doing his complete fist fight on Stage 17.  Erik Holland only does his close-ups he was able to perform safely.  Bob Miles stands in for him in the long shots of the fight.  In the gunfight sequences at Golden Oak Ranch, the Cartwrights versus the Ferguson's ranch hands, Joe (Michael Landon), climbs up a large paper mache boulder and gets in position to jump two Ferguson hands and disarm them.  The long shot is of Bob Miles doubling Joe, where he leaps off the boulder, lands on both heels, and then kicks one stuntman on the ground and then hits the other one down on the grass, and runs out of frame, and the next shot is of Michael as Joe.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California and June 1962 stock footage of Ben and Joe riding along the shore at Gooseneck Reservoir, Truckee, California.

         Filming date: May 20-27, 1966

237.) Horse Of A Different Hue
         September 18, 1966
         Written by:
 William R. Cox
         Directed by: William Witney
         Lost Episode

         So the Cartwrights will not be killed, one of Ben's oldest friends must make sure Joe does not win a horse race.

         Guest Stars: Colonel Fairchild....Charles Ruggles,...Patty Lou Fairchild...Julie Parrish,...Jeb Geller...Skip Homeier,...Clem Foster...Bing Russell,...Snowden...Johnny Silver,..O' Leary...Joe Haworth,...Mackaye...Steven Marlo,...Fairly...John McKee,...Sheriff...Kenneth MacDonald,...Larcher...Chuck Roberson,...Bob Miles...( uncredited; horseback & stunt double for Michael Landon, stunts as henchman ),...Bill Clark...( uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker ).

         Trivia: Skip Homeier, as the scheming swindler, a former child actor, best remembered in the two classic Star Trek episodes, "Patterns Of Force" as Melakon, and as Dr. Sevrin, in "The Way To Eden".  Actress Julie Parrish as Fairchild, the scheming Colonel's daughter who races Joe, best remembered as Miss Piper in Star Trek's "The Menagerie".

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-fifth appearance on the series. In this episode he plays Clancy, the black horse Little Joe rides in the town race.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California.

         Filming date: June 8-15, 1966

238.) A Time To Step Down
         September 25, 1966
         Written by:
 Frank Chase
         Directed by: Paul Heinreid

         After the Cartwrights put wrangler Dan Tolliver out to pasture, the embittered old man plans to take part in robbing the Ponderosa.

         Guest Stars: Dan Tolliver...Ed Begley, Sr.,...Beth Riley...Audrey Totter,...Temple...Donald "Red" Barry,...Sand...Sherwood Price,...Jim Flint...Renny McEnvoy,...Bartender...Bruno Ve Sota,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Sherwood Price),...Jack Williams...(uncredited; stunt double for Don "Red" Barry and Ed Begley, Sr).

         Trivia: Ed Begley, Sr., as Dan Tolliver, previously seen in season seven's, "The Other Son" as Clint.  Don "Red" Barry as Temple, previously seen in season six's, "The Saga Of Squaw Charlie".  Sherwood Price as Sand, in his last episode, previously seen in season five's, "My Son, My Son", season two's, "Silent Thunder", and "The Secret", and in season one's, "Escape To Ponderosa".

         Stunt Trivia: In the first fight on Stage 16, Bob Miles doubles Sand (Sherwood Price) with Don "Red" Barry as Temple, who is briefly doubled by Jack Williams in a few bit parts.  Michael does the complete fight himself in every cut.  In the fight at the climax, Bob once again doubles Sand in bit parts up until he's shot accidentally by Temple, (played by Don "Red" Barry), who is struggling with Dan Tolliver (Ed Begley) for the gun.  Jack Williams doubles Begley in some of the fight sequences filmed further away.  Michael does his whole fight and when he gets shot by Temple, who reacts from Tolliver's shooting him, he plunges down to the floor in a graceful, pivoting twist.

         This was the first episode stuntman Jack Williams worked on, doubling for his good friends, Ed Begley and Don "Red" Barry.  He would apppear in 20 "Bonanza" episodes, starting with this one through the end of the series' run.  Jack would come on the show and drive the wagons and coaches, serving as the "blind driver" who would be concealed on the floorboard under the seat, with the actor sitting on the seat, holding the fake reins, attached to the horses.  In some shots the actors would drive the horses, but nothing really too dangerous, so Jack would be right under the seat to drive for them just in case.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California and June 1962 stock footage of Joe driving the buckboard along the dirt road at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California.

         Filming date: June 16-23, 1966

239 and 240.) The Pursued
         Part One: October 2, 1966
         Part Two: October 9, 1966
         Written by:
 Thomas Thompson, Marc Michaels
         Directed by: William Witney
         Lost Episode

         The Cartwrights travel to Beehive, Nevada to purchase horses from Heber Clauson, a Mormon rancher with two wives.  The Cartwrights, true to their nature, are tolerant of the Clausons' beliefs.  Ben explaining to his sons that all ancient religions practiced polygamy, and because the Mormons have always been so persecuted, they have adopted the practice of taking more than one wife in order to avoid extinction.

         The local "Christian" population, inflamed by the fanatical provications of its self-appointed preacher, frowns on the Clausons' presence, and the situation is further inflamed by the town boss' infatuation with Susannah, one of Heber's wives.  When the narrow-minded citizens of Beehive burn them out, Joe helps the Clausons escape into the desert.  Complicating matters is the fact that Heber's other wife, Elizabeth Ann, is about to give birth and is in no shape for the torturous wagon ride filmed in the rugged Alabama Hills.

         The persecuted party has little choice but to take cover and wait for the return of Hoss and Ben.  The other Cartwrights come to the rescue, but in a shockingly unexpected turn of events, the town boss, Carbo, shoots Heber in the back from ambush, killing him immediately.  Joe's shooting of Carbo conflicts with the Cartwrights' customary practice of letting the law take its course, but but only the most rigid liberal could argue the villain did not have it coming.

         After Carbo's gang loses its taste for violence and rides off, leaving the preacher futilely beseeching them not to turn their backs on their mission, Hoss brings back a true minister and his wife to see if anything can be done about Elizabeth Ann's precarious condition.  A baby boy is delivered, but there is no hope for its mother.

         "If only Heber could have known," she tells Susannah just before she dies.  "He knows," Susannah reassures her.  The minister and his wife announce they have no intention of judging another's religion, and tells Susannah their home is hers and the baby's for as long as she wishes.  As the three of them ride away, Joe says he hopes the world is a better place by the time Heber's son is old enough to find his place in it.

         Guest Stars (complete cast/characters): Heber Clauson....Eric Fleming....Susannah Clauson....Dina Merrill...Elizabeth Ann....Lois Nettleton....Carbo....Vincent Beck....Parley....Booth Colman....Menken....Robert Brubaker....Mrs. Lang....Jean Inness....Mr. Lang....Donald Elson....Dr. Bingham....Nelson Leigh....Reverend Blaisdale....Byron Morrow....Mrs. Blaisdale....Dee Carroll....Tex....Clay Tanner....Dave....Bill Clark, Alex Sharp (stunts and horseback double; uncredited for Eric Fleming), Bob Miles (horseback double; uncredited for Michael Landon), Fred Carson (stunts; uncredited for Vincent Beck and horseback double; uncredited for Booth Colman), Clint Sharp (horseback stunts; uncredited as townsman), Hal Burton (extra; uncredited as townsman & backup rider on location),...Bill Clark (uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker),...Ed Jauregui (uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene),...Martha Manor...(stand-in & photo double for Lois Nettleton).

         Trivia: Bob Miles doubles for Michael on the stunt Paint at Lone Pine, doing the very wild and fast riding shots in this two-parter.  Michael only does his close-ups on his riding Paint on location needed for cutting in with the long shots of Bob in the costume.

         Censorship Trivia: Pat Robertson, the owner of the former Family Channel refused to air this two-part saga because it clashed with his religious beliefs. It was later aired unedited on the Goodlife Network from 1999 to 2001. It was seen on Hallmark Channel through 2007.

         Trivia: Dina Merrill plays Susannah Clauson in this two-part episode.  She has starred in many movies, on Broadway, in television series, in musicals, drama and comedy.  Dina brought professionalism, good humor, zest and sparkle to many of her acting roles.  Lois Nettleton plays Elizabeth Ann Clauson in this two-part episode.  A diverse and accomplished actress who has appeared on stage, motion pictures and television in her long career. She was the former Miss Chicago beauty queen in 1948.

         Booth Colman, as the fanatical Reverend Parley, previously seen in season three's, "Look To The Stars", as Territorial Representative, Henry P. Quince and season six's, "A Man To Admire" as Flint Durfee.  Booth is best remembered for playing Ebenezer Scrooge since 1981, at the Meadow Brook Theater, in Rochester, Michigan.  He was in many 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's TV series, in guest appearances and his last feature film he made was, Intolerable Cruelty (2003), as the trial Judge.

         Robert Brubaker, in another appearance, this time as one of the prejudiced town locals, along with Clay Tanner, as another one of Carbo's (Vincent Beck) men, previously seen in season seven's, "Ride The Wind".  Byron Morrow makes his first appearance as the minister, later seen in season nine's, "Justice Deferred", season ten's, "Sound Of Drums", and in eleven's, "A Lawman's Lot Is Not A Happy One".

         Finally, the late Eric Fleming, who played Gil Favor in the CBS TV-Western, "Rawhide"-1959-1966.  Fleming was in season seven's, "Peace Officer" as Wes Dunn, and shortly after he finished this episode, he died while making an anthology series for ABC, in Peru, South America.  He was in a dug-out canoe, and went beyond the rapids, dove out, and was found three days later, dead from the mighty forces of the Peruvian river.

         Trivia: The second part of the episode opens with stock footage of the Clauson home set on fire by Parley's men. This was stock footage culled from a Paramount film, shot at Kanab, Utah. The next shot of the home standing afire was culled from another Paramount film that was shot at Big Bear Lake.

         Stunt Trivia: In the savage fight at Beehive in act three, Heber versus Carbo, stuntman Alex Sharp doubles for Eric Fleming in the long shots and Fred Carson for actor Vincent Beck.

         Trivia: This is the first episode to feature Hal Burton as an extra, playing a townsmen of Beehive.  Hal, like many stuntmen would also be used as an extra and stand-in on the series.  He was also on location at Lone Pine doing backup riding in this episode.  Michael Landon was highly impressed with his great riding abilities and hired him the next year as his stunt double, when production of the ninth season began in March of 1967.

         Hal would double Joe doing the dangerous horseback falls, saddle falls and anything else in the way of a fall during an action sequence in the costume.  Michael would do all the fist fights himself, since he was an expert at doing them for the cameras.  Hal continued working with Michael in his landmark series, "Little House on the Prairie" ( 1974-83 ).

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lone Pine's Alabama Hills and the Anchor Ranch in Lone Pine, California.

         Filming date: July 7-13, 1966 (Part 1)
         Filming date: July 14-20, 1966 (Part 2)

241.) To Bloom For Thee
         October 16, 1966
         Written by:
 June Randolph
         Directed by: Sutton Roley
         Lost Episode

         Hoss is engaged to Carol Attley, a troubled woman with a past darker than he imagines.  Generally unsung highlight of the series, with excellent performances by Blocker and Geraldine Brooks, a lovely score by David Rose, and a good story by June Randolph.

         Guest Stars: Carol Attley...Geraldine Brooks,...Demers...Don Haggerty,...Clem Foster...Bing Russell,...Hotel Clerk...Robert B. Williams,...Barber...Paul Micale,...Storeman,...Phil Chambers,...Stage Driver...Clint Sharp,...Waitress....Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra),...Bill Clark (uncredited; stunt double & photo double for Dan Blocker)..

         Trivia: The marvelous Geraldine Brooks as Hoss' love, previously seen as Elizabeth Stoddard, in season two's, "Elizabeth, My Love".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California.

         Filming date: May 31-June 7, 1966

242.) Credit For A Kill
         October 23, 1966
         Written by:
 Fredrick Lewis Fox
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Though his friend is badly in need of the reward money, Joe insists it belongs to him, to protect his friend from the dead outlaws' brothers.

         Guest Stars: Sheriff Fenton...Don Collier,...Lorna Medford...Luana Patten,...Morgan Tanner...Dean Harens,...Martha Tanner...Regina Gleason,...Virgil Jordan...Charles Maxwell,...Casey...Ed Faulkner,...Boone Jordan...Ted Markland,...Walt Jordan...Troy Melton,...Bartender...John J. Fox,...Stableman...Dan White,...(uncredited; bit part),...Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback stunt as Luke Jordan).

         Trivia: Don Collier returns, this time as the Sheriff, previously seen in season two's, "The Mission", and in season four's, "The Good Samaritan".  Dean Harens as Morgan Tanner, previously seen in season six's, "The Jonah", as Poole.  Serial star Charles Maxwell as Virgil Jordan, making yet another appearance, Troy Melton as Walt Jordan, Ted Markland as Boone Jordan, who was also in Dortort's, "The High Chaparral".

         The lovely Luana Patten as Lorna Medford, a popular actress of the 50's, Ed Faulkner as Casey, previously seen in season three's, "The Friendship", and five's, "No Less A Man", and John J. Fox, as the bartender, also seen in season eleven's, "To Stop A War", and in season fourteen's, "Forever".  He is credited as John "Red" Fox in this episode.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-sixth appearance in three bit parts of this episode.  The first bit part is in the episode's teaser where Joe is taking care of the baby calf.  He can be seen as the black horse with the Ponderosa cowhand atop him.

         Beauty's second bit part is when Luke Jordan ( Hal Burton ) rides him out of the barn in the teaser and Joe and Morgan shoot him off the horse at Janss Conejo Ranch.  The third bit part is in act four.  He plays one of the Ponderosa horses the Cartwrights bring in the front yard.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California and June 1961 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: August 8-15, 1966

243.) Four Sisters From Boston
         October 30, 1966
         Written by:
 John M. Chester
         Directed by: Alan Crossland, Jr.

         The Cartwrights come to the rescue of four inexperienced homesteaders, when devious cattle ranchers try to run them off their property.  David Rose's music was later used as the theme for "The High Chaparral".  Hoss makes a reference to Adam in the final scenes of this episode.

         Guest Stars: Sarah Lowell...Vera Miles,...Gabrielle...Lyn Edgington,...Lorraine...Madeline Mack,...Heather...Melinda Plowman,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Catlin...Morgan Woodward,...Crocker...Quentin Sondergaard,...Billings...Owen Bush,...Cowboy...Rand Brooks,...Toothless...Raymond Guth,...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra as Catlin gunhand).

         Trivia: Vera Miles makes her debut, first wife of stuntman Bob Miles, later seen in season twelve's, "A Time To Die".  Morgan Woodward as the scheming land baron, seen in previous episodes, later seen in season nine's, "Pride Of A Man", and in season thirteen's, "The Prisoners".  Owen Bush makes another appearance, previously seen in season two's, "Bank Run", season three's, "The Many Faces Of Gideon Flinch", and in season five's, "Alias, Joe Cartwright".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California with June 1964 stock footage of the stagecoach crossing the mighty river at Kernville, California. As the story progresses, June 1961 stock footage of Ben and Hoss riding through the wooded clearing at Incline Village is seen, followed by June 1964 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise alongside the river at Kernville, followed by Ben and Hoss at the same locale.

         Filming date: June 24-July 1, 1966

244.) Old Charlie
         November 6, 1966
         Written by:
 Robert and Wanda Duncan
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         A young cowpoke is killed during a fight with Hoss, but the old blowhard who runs the Virginia City stables, takes the credit, placing him in danger from the dead man's brothers.

         Guest Stars: Charlie...John McIntire,...Annie...Jeanette Nolan,...George and Billy Barker...Tim McIntire,...Jack Barker...Hal Baylor,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Sam...Bill Fletcher,...Bartender...Bruno Ve Sota,...Heckler...Dick Winslow,...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunts for Dan Blocker).

         Trivia: John McIntire making another appearance, this time as Old Charlie, his last on Bonanza, along with his son Tim McIntire, who was previously seen in season six's, "Logan's Treasure", and Jeanette Nolan as Charlie's wife.  Hal Baylor returns as one of the outlaws who thinks Charlie killed his brother, later seen in season nine's, "Six Black Horses", and "The Stronghold".

         Trivia: In the fight scene with Hoss and Charlie versus the outlaws, Bill Clark is doubling for Hoss, in the long shots of the fight.

         Filming date: July 21-28, 1966

245.) Ballad Of The Ponderosa
         November 13, 1966
         Written by:
 Michael Landon, Rik Vollaerts
         Directed by: William F. Claxton
         Lost Episode

         A young troubadour, who blames Ben for the death of his father, returns to Virginia City.  In one scene, Ben says the young man is welcome to use Adam's guitar.  Script co-written by Michael Landon.

         Guest Stars: Colter Preston...Randy Boone,...Lisa Stanley...Ann Doran,...Harold Stanley...Roger Davis,...D. A. Dave Sinclair...John Archer,...Judge Borman...Charles Irving,...Sheriff...Robert Foulk,...Simpson...Robert B. Williams,...Hank...Will J. White,...Charlie...Lane Bradford.

         Trivia: Randy Boone makes his debut in this episode, Roger Davis makes his first, later in twelve's, "Top Hand", serial star Lane Bradford makes another, and veteran actor John Archer, seen in previous episodes: season three's, "The Jacknife", season four's, "The Last Haircut", and season seven's, "The Dilemma".  Archer was in later episodes, nine's, "The Crime Of Johhny Mule", and in ten's, "A World Full Of Cannibals".

         Trivia: Ann Doran, making her first of two appearances on Bonanza, she was also in season ten's, "The Real People Of Muddy Creek".  She was in over 500 motion pictures and over 1000 TV shows, by one count.  Her career began at age four, with silent films.  She was in "Little House" and in Highway To Heaven's, "The Monster", as Julian's mother.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California.

         Filming date: August 24-31, 1966

246.) The Oath
         November 20, 1966
         Written by:
 Sidney Ellis
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         While in another town, on business, Ben runs into a saloon employee who is a big figure, and after he kills an old miner, who has burned down his house, Ben takes him into the sheriff.  He is sentenced and hung.  Before his departure, Charlie Monahan, has made his half-breed son, Charlie Two, swear an oath to kill Ben.  Little Joe is made aware of this and must track him down to prevent him from carrying out his oath against Ben.  Charlie Two is unaware that Joe is Ben's son,  as they meet on the trail.

         Guest Stars: Charlie Two...Tony Bill,...Big Charlie Monahan...Douglas Kennedy,...Jenkins...Dallas McKennon,...Fielding...Rusty Lane,...Sheriff Calvin...Ben Gage,...Sam...Howard Wright,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunts for Tony Bill),...Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon),...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Tony Bill as Charlie Two, an actor, now a producer.  He produced the 1993 film, "Barb Wire".  Douglas Kennedy as Charlie Monahan, as Charlie's father, seen in earlier episodes, and later in season nine's, "The Bottle Fighter" as the Sheriff.  Actor Ben Gage, making his first appearance, as the Sheriff of Downieville, later seen as the Deputy of Virginia City, in nine's, "Sense Of Duty".  He also played the Teer Akaar, in Star Trek's, "Friday's Child".

         Trivia: In the fight at the way station, Bob Miles doubling as Charlie Two (actor Tony Bill), in the long shots of the fight, and some close-ups, at Lake Los Angeles, against Little Joe.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lovejoy Buttes, Antelope Valley and Vasquez Rocks, Southern California.

         Filming date: July 29-August 5, 1966

247.) A Real Nice, Friendly Little Town
         November 27, 1966
         Written by:
 Herman Hoffman
         Directed by: Herman Hoffman

         During his quest to discover who shot Joe in the rear, Hoss tangles with two rascals and their long-suffering mother.

         Guest Stars: Willie Mae Reichman...Louise Latham,...Jud Reichman...Mark Slade,...Jed Reichman...Robert Doyle,...C. R. Lively...Vaughn Taylor,...Deputy...Robert Foulk,...Card Player...Herb Vigran,...Sheriff...Clegg Hoyt,...Skinny...Bobby Byles,...Old Man...Burt Mustin,...Freddie...Billy M. Greene,...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunts for Dan Blocker),...Jesse Wayne...(uncredited; stunts for Robert Doyle & Bobby Byles),...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra as townswoman with blonde hair),...and Charlie the Dog.

         Trivia: Guest star Mark Slade as one of the Reichman brothers, seen as "Blue", in Dortort's, "The High Chaparral", and Robert Doyle, as the other brother, later seen in season thirteen's, "He Was Only Seven", and in season fourteen's, "Forever", as Sloan.  Louise Latham, as Ma Reichman, making the first of two appearances, later seen in twelve's, "The Silent Killer".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California with June 1961 stock footage of Hoss riding Chubby across the wooded clearing at Incline Village and on the dirt road at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. A stock clip of Hoss riding into town from 1965's "Patchwork Man" at Janss Conejo Ranch is included, and of him riding alongside the river at Kernville, California.

         Filming date: August 16-23, 1966

248.) The Bridegroom
         December 4, 1966
         Written by:
 Walter Black
         Directed by: William F. Claxton
         Lost Episode

         Joe plays matchmaker in this story of a rancher attempting to marry off his supposedly unremarkable daughter. This was the last episode filmed for the seventh season, but it wasn't aired until nine months later in the eighth season.

         Guest Stars: Maggie Dowling...Joanne Linville,...Tuck Dowling...Jeff Corey,...Jared Wilson...Ron Hayes.

         Trivia: Jeff Corey, a veteran actor and acting teacher as Tuck.  He was Leonard Nimoy's acting teacher, and also gave Bruce Lee acting lessons.  Still remembered as High Advisor Plasus in the classic Star Trek episode, "The Cloud Minders".  He was also in season twelve's, "A Single Pilgrim".  Joanne Linville as Maggie, fine actress, best remembered as the Romulan Commander in the classic Star Trek episode, "The Enterprise Incident".  Ron Hayes makes another appearance, this time as Jarrod, who Little Joe is playing matchmaker with, for Maggie.  Hayes would later be seen in season nine's, "Night Of Reckoning", as Donnie Buckler, and in season ten's, "Emily", as Marshal Wade McPhail.

         Filmed on location at: Janss Conejo Ranch in Southern California.

         Filming date: March 11-18, 1966

249.) Tommy
         December 18, 1966
         Written by:
 Mort Thaw, Mary T. Taylor, Thomas Thompson
         Directed by: William Witney
         Lost Episode

         The Cartwrights protect a woman and her deaf-mute little son from the boy's outlaw stepfather.

         Guest Stars: Allie Miller...Janet de Gore,...Jess Miller...Michael Witney,...Tommy...Teddy Quinn,...Padre...Frank Puglia,...Waiter...Jorge Moreno,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Police Chief...Rodolfo Hoyos,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon and falling stunt for Michael Witney).

         Trivia: Michael Witney, making another appearance, as Jess Miller, previously seen in season seven's, "Mighty Is The Word", later in season nine's, "The Stronghold", and in season thirteen's, "The Prisoners".

         Stunt Trivia: In the scene where Jess Miller (played by Michael Witney) shoots Joe off Cochise, it is really Bob Miles doubling for Michael on the Paint horse.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California with June 1961 stock footage at Solitude Canyon and June 1964 stock footage of Ben riding alongside the river at Kernville, California.

         Filming date: September 6-13, 1966

250.) A Christmas Story
         December 25, 1966
         Written by:
 Thomas Thompson
         Directed by: Gerd Oswald
         Lost Episode

         Warbling Andy Walker returns to Virginia City a big success, along with his shifty Uncle Thaddeus.

         Guest Stars: Andy Walker...Wayne Newton,...Thaddeus Cade...Jack Oakie,...Hattie...Mary Wickes,...Sam...Dabbs Greer,...Mike...Dean Michaels,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung.

         Trivia: Wayne Newton returns as Andy Walker, in the second Christmas episode, with Hoss dressed as Santa!  Dabbs Greer makes another of his eight appearances on Bonanza.

         Trivia: Wayne Newton sings "Sweet Betsy from Pike", "Home Is where I Want to Be on Christmas" and "Silent Night".

         Filming date: October 10-17, 1966

251.) Ponderosa Explosion
         January 1, 1967
         Written by:
 Alex Sharp
         Directed by: William F. Claxton
         Lost Episode

         Two Virginia City old-timers fool Hoss and Joe into raising rabbits, and the Ponderosa is overrun with paws and whiskers.

         Guest Stars: Barlow...Dub Taylor,...Clyde...Chubby Johnson,...Nate...Chick Chandler,...Storekeeper...Phil Chambers,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon),...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene)...and the Rabbits.

         Trivia: Dub Tayor makes his debut as Barlow, along with Chubby Johnson in another appearance, this time as Barlow.  Dub and Chubby would both be seen together in season nine's, "The Gold Detector", as Simon and Cash.  He would later be seen in eleven's "Meena", "The Horse Traders", and in season thirteen's, "Easy Come, Easy Go", as Luke Calhoun.  Also in season twelve's, "An Earthquake Called Callahan", as another character.  Chubby later in season twelve's, "Terror At 2:00".

         Chick Chandler makes his first appearance as Nate, later seen in season ten's, "My Friend, My Enemy", as Judge Butler, "Speak No Evil", as Judge Bulter, season eleven's, "A Darker Shadow" as Doctor Mills, in season twelve's, "Thornton's Account", as the Doc, and in season thirteen's, "Face Of Fear" as Carroway.

         Trivia: While doing some sound voice-overs in the studio, Michael's sense of humor was recorded onto the soundtrack, in the scene where Joe is in his bedroom, multiplying the rabbits, for his business.  "Now that's 428 rabbits humping 428 rabbits, you got about 956 rabbits", Michael Landon recorded for Little Joe's scene.  The sound editor caught this in time, avoiding major embarrassment for NBC!

         Trivia: As Cochise is spooked by a little white rabbit, in the final act, Bob Miles takes the actual plunge, doubling for Michael.

         Stunt Trivia: Just like Bob Miles takes the fall off the black horse as Little Joe, so does stuntman Ed Jauregui as Ben when the little, white rabbit bunny-hops from behind the water pump spooking Buck!

         Photography Trivia: In the very last scene of Hoss and Joe running after Ben's new horse, the camera is undercranked, making it look as if Hoss and Joe are running faster than normal.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-seventh appearance on the series.  In this episode he plays the black horse that Ben rides, but keeps getting spooked by the cute, little rabbits in the front yard.  In a few scenes, another black horse was used to stand-in for Beauty, standing still on the stage and street.  The reason was because Beauty would get nervous after standing around for 5 minutes or more.

         Filmed on location at: Griffith Park, Southern California and June 1962 stock footage of Joe and Hoss at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California.

         Filming date: September 14-21, 1966

252.) Justice
         January 8, 1967
         Written by:
 Richard Wendley
         Directed by: Lewis Allen
         Lost Episode

         When the woman he was planning to marry is strangled, Joe forces the only suspect to come forward, in a very tense-filled episode.

         Guest Stars: Horace...Beau Bridges,...Sally Bristol...Shirley Bonne,...Mrs. Cutler...Lurene Tuttle,...Clem Foster...Bing Russell,...Mr. Bristol...Roy Roberts,...Cliff...Anthony Costello.

         Trivia: Guest star Beau Bridges as Horace, son of the late Lloyd Bridges, along with his brother, Jeff Bridges.  Shirley Bonne as Sally, is best remembered as "Ruth", Captain Kirk's lost love, seen in the classic Star Trek episode, "Shore Leave".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: June 1961 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The inclusion of June 1962 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise at Gooseneck Meadow, followed by June 1964 stock shot of Ben and Hoss at Onyx, California.  Later in the story, 1961 stock footage of Joe is seen at Janss Conejo Ranch, along with 1961 stock footage at Golden Oak Ranch. Finally, June 1961 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise is seen at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: September 22-30, 1966

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Season Eight Episodes 253 - 269 continued...

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