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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Episode Guide
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Little Joe, Ben and Hoss!
Season Seven...1965-1966
Bonanza: The Lost Episodes:
Thirty-three Episodes Included

The Golden Years Continue
With Ben, Hoss, and Joe

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203.) The Debt
         September 12, 1965
         Written by:
 William Blinn
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Wanting to restore their family's once-respected name, a young man and his sister offer to work on the Ponderosa for free.  Several years before, their outlaw father, whom they believe to be dead, stole from Ben.  However, their father is not dead and Roy Coffee has just arrested him.

         Guest Stars: Wiley Kane...Tommy Sands,...Annie Kane...Brooke Bundy,...Sam Kane...Ford Rainey,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double and stunts for Tommy Sands),...Bill Clark...(extra; uncredited as Deputy Bill).

         Trivia: Guest star Tommy Sands, as Wiley, once married to Nancy Sinatra, Brooke Bundy as Annie, later seen in season nine's, "Judgement At Olympus" as Mary Elizabeth, and Ford Rainey makes another appearance, this time as their father, Sam Kane.  Rainey was in previous episodes, and later in season eight's, "Black Friday", season nine's, "Check Rein", season ten's, "The Deserter", thirteen's "Fallen Woman", and "A Home For Jamie".

         Opening Scenes Trivia: At the beginning of this seventh season opener, the newly filmed opening scenes, now shot at the Nevada Beach, with Mount Tallac in the background behind the three Cartwrights.

         Trivia: Bob Miles doubles for actor Tommy Sands (Wiley Kane), in the long shots of the long and intense fight, where Joe jumps a horsebacked Wiley (Bob Miles doubling for Tommy Sands), and Bob can be seen in all the long shots, and Tommy Sands is only visible in the close-ups, during the fight with Little Joe.

         The only fight scenes in the history of the series to be filmed atop the climbing wall that rises above the still waters of Cedar Lake. This beautiful vista offers sweeping views of nearby Big Bear Lake in the climax of the story, too.

         Horse Trivia: Michael Landon is riding a casting horse, a cut above his Paint horse at the climax of the show at Cedar Lake.

         Horse Trivia: Second episode filmed for the seventh season.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Cedar Lake, Big Bear Lake, California.

         Filming date: June 9-16, 1965

204.) The Dilemma
         September 19, 1965
         Written by:
 John and Ward Hawkins
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Ben is made a temporary judge at the same time a man who received a parole, admits to robbing the bank.  He tells Ben he will reveal where the money is if allowed to go free.

         Guest Stars: Sundown Davis...Tom Tully,...Billy...Anthony Call,...Ruth...Elizabeth Perry,...Drugan...Kelly Thordsen,...Snell...John Hubbard,...Powell...John Archer,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Hamilton...Walter Sande,...Judge O' Hara...Dayton Lummis,...Hicks...Lincoln Demyan,...Bob Miles...(extra; uncredited as Deputy 1),...Bill Clark...(extra; uncredited as Deputy 2).

         Trivia: Guest star Kelly Thordsen makes another appearance, seen in previous episodes, and later seen in season nine's, "The Gold Detector", as Higgins.  Anthony Call, best remembered in the classic Star Trek episode, "The Corbomite Maneuver", as Lt. Bailey.  John Hubbard and John Archer both make return appearances in this episode, along with Bob Miles and Bill Clark as Roy's deputies.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lake Sherwood, Southern California.

         Filming date: June 25 to July 2, 1965

205.) The Brass Box
         September 26, 1965
         Written by:
 Paul Schneider
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         José Ortega claims to have papers which state most of the territory belongs to him including all but a small corner of the Ponderosa.  And Ben's attorney says the document could be legal.  The first mentioning of Adam's departure is made by Ben when he hires Jose's nephew to work at the ranch.  First episode filmed for the seventh season.

         Guest Stars (complete cast/characters): José Ortega...Ramon Navarro...Miguel...Michael Dante...Mueller...Adam Williams...Minton...Sidney Smith...Harry...Roy Jenson...Jim...Bill Clark...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes...Bartender...Bruno Ve Sota, Martha Manor (uncredited; saloon girl with blonde hair), Bob Miles (stunts; uncredited for Adam Williams).

         Trivia: Guest star Michael Dante as Miguel Ortega, best remembered for his portrayal of "Crazy Horse", in the 60's, and in the classic Star Trek episode, "Friday's Child", as Maab.  Adam Williams who was seen in past episodes, returns, this time as Mueller, later seen in season eight's, "The Prince".  Roy Jenson returns again, as one of the town roughnecks, later seen in ten's, "The Wish", and in fourteen's, "Forever".

         Stunt Trivia: In the bar fight with Mueller (Adam Williams) and Little Joe (Michael Landon), lead stunt co-ordinator Bob Miles does the doubling for Williams in the long shots of the bar fight in "The Brass Box".

         Filming Trivia: First episode made for the seventh season, but actually aired third after "The Debt" and "The Dilemma".

         Horse Trivia: Michael Landon is riding a casting horse for most of this episode, since in the story he is breaking a stud in the corral.  He only rides the Paint horse later on in the show in act four.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Janss Conejo Ranch, Southern California and June 1961 stock footage of Hoss and Joe riding through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: May 21-28, 1965

206.) The Other Son
         October 3, 1965
         Written by:
 Thomas Thompson
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

        In this variation of the French suspense film "The Wages Of Fear", Ben hires mulepacker and explosives expert Clint Watson and his two sons to help him transport nitroglycerin across the treacherous mountaintops above Lake Tahoe to reach a mine disaster in Virginia City after being barred by authorities in Placerville.  Ben makes another reference to Adam, this time writing him for advice, and the last reference to Marie Cartwright's death in one scene.  Bing Russell appears as Sheriff Walker of Placerville, and not his usual role as Deputy Clem Foster.  Lorne Greene's infrequent voice-overs are heard in act one of this episode.

         Guest Stars: Clint Watson...Ed Begley, Sr.,...Andy Watson...Tom Simcox,...Ellis Watson...Richard Evans,...Sheriff Walker...Bing Russell,...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker),...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon).

         Trivia: Ed Begley, Sr. makes his first appearance as mule packer Clint Watson. He later returns in season eight's "A Time to Step Down" as wrangler Dan Tolliver. Richard Evans makes his first appearance as Ellis Watson, the youngest son of Clint. He later returns in season eight's "Dark Enough to See the Stars" as Billy Wilcox. His last appearance on the series is in season eleven's "What Are Pardners For?" as John.

         Tom Simcox played Andy, the oldest of the two brothers and favored by Clint. He was born on June 17, 1937, in Medford, New Jersey as Thomas William Simcox. His career in television began in 1962 and he's credited with working in TV series such as "The Naked City," "Ben Casey," "Perry Mason," "Channing," "The Eleventh Hour," "The Lieutenant," "General Hospital," "Wagon Train," "The Virginian," "Laredo," "Gunsmoke," "Combat!," "Trail of Bloodshed," "Code R," "How the West Was Won," "Columbo," "Charlie's Angels," "Baretta," "Vega$," "Matt Houston," "Trapper John, M.D.," "Knight Rider," "Airwolf," and "NBC's Disneyland."

         His last television role was in a 1991 episode of the 1989-91 third version of Jack Webb's NBC series "Dragnet." He appeared in a small array of films that include "Shenandoah" (1965), "Incident at Phantom Hill" (1966), "The Doomsday Flight" (1966), "Istanbul Express" (1968), "The Aquarians" (1970), "The Hollywood Man" (1976), "Acceptable Risks" (1986) and "Grim Prairie Tales" (1989).

         Tom Simcox retired in 1991 and resides in Leona Valley, west of Palmdale, California. One small trivial bit is that he and Michael Witney both starred in an unsold pilot for a proposed CBS-Western series about railroad workers called "The Iron Man."

         Location Trivia: The United States Department of Agriculture assisted the company in the filming of this episode at Lake Tahoe. They supplied the dynamite for the explosion at Mount Rose Summit, under the supervision of production manager, Kent McCray. The script had the oldest son, Andy ( Tom Simcox ) getting accidentally killed by the explosion from the unstable nitroglycerin at the summit of the Sierra crest.

         The U.S.D.A brought the forest ranger and his crew to the film site, where they drove up the dirt road to the top of the summit. Kent was explaining the script and what happens to the oldest son in this part of the story, so they excavated a large hole on the mountain face to set the dynamite into. The explosives were contained in an array of cannisters that were four feet long. They were all fused together to detonate at the same time for the scene.

         The forest ranger's men dumped sacks of cement and tree bark in the hole over the cannisters, to ensure the explosion would be visible for this scene when being filmed by the director. They planted them on the mountain face directly above and behind the dirt road where actor Tom Simcox and Richard Evans were to rehearse and film their last scene together, and then the explosion kills Andy.

         The director was waiting for the green light to film and the forest ranger was busy speaking to Kent about the dynamite that was set to explode for this scene. The forest ranger reassured Kent it would be a small explosion and no one would get hurt. The director had instructed Tom Simcox to dive in a ditch as soon as the dynamite was detonated on the mountain face. This was a safety issue for the actor and a way to make Andy's death convincing when being filmed.

         Michael Landon, Lorne Greene, Dan Blocker and guest stars Ed Begley and Richard Evans were on the right side of the mountain face, with the horses behind them. Kent and the film crew were directly beneath it and only seconds after being assured the explosion would be small, it was set off and turned out to be quite a big one! It scared the daylights out of the horses!

         Tom Simcox dove in the ditch for the scene while the explosion threw out a storm of dirt, sand, rocks and wood. The wind was blowing pretty good at the summit and the debris was being carried all over the place. The film crew and Kent McCray were all covered in dirt from the explosion!

         As he said to me a few years ago: "It blew the shit all over us!"

         Filmed on location at: Act one consists of filmed footage of Ben riding Buck from Cedar Lake, with Lorne's infrequent voice-overs, then to the shores of Baldwin Lake, with Sheriff Walker, played by Bing Russell, both locales near Big Bear Lake fading into the burning map sequence.  Act one resumes after the commercial intermission, with the chapter title, fading to Lorne Greene's voice-over narration, accompanying June 1962 stock footage of Ben riding Buck along the dirt road at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California, leading to the first glimpse of filmed footage at beautiful Tahoe Meadows, above Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         The crew shot the second portion of act one with Lorne Greene and the guest stars transporting the nitroglycerin above Cedar Lake, near Big Bear Lake.  Act two begins with more footage shot at Tahoe Meadows, leading to filming at the Mount Rose Summit, which was filmed on a high knoll, above the left side of the highway, where Andy is killed by the explosion.  Act three through act four begins on the right side of the Mount Rose Summit, up the service road at the Mount Rose Campground, located on the steep slopes of Slide Mountain, where Joe is almost killed.  The end of act four concluding this episode was again filmed at Tahoe Meadows, above Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: June 9-16, 1965

207.) The Lonely Runner
         October 10, 1965
         Written by:
 Thomas Thompson
         Directed by: William Witney

         The Cartwrights' friend, Jim Acton, is in danger of losing his prized mare.  He has sold a herd of wild horses to horse trader Sam Whipple, and Whipple takes him to court claiming the mare was part of that herd.  Acton walks out on the court proceedings, and the judge awards the mare to Whipple.  When Acton tries to make a deal with Whipple to buy her back, Whipple shoots at him.

         Jim kills Whipple in self defense and becomes a wanted man.  The Cartwrights are sure he is innocent, but an overzealous deputy under Sheriff Coffee, has other intentions.  Acton has only one wish: to run free like a wild horse.  This episode is more like a feature than a series.  A magnificent performance by Gilbert Roland.

         Guest Stars: Jim Acton...Gilbert Roland,...Deputy Pete...Pat Conway,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Frank...Roy Barcroft,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback & stunt double for Gilbert Roland, stunt double for Ken Lynch, horseback double for Michael Landon),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker),...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Guest star Gilbert Roland, as Jim Acton, a former bullfighter and native of Mexico, gatecrashed Hollywood with his magnificent performances.  Roland was also in Disney's, "Zorro", with Guy Williams, and in "The Sacketts", with Tom Selleck.  Ken Lynch returns, this time as the sinister Sam Whipple, and Pat Conway makes his debut as Roy's corrupt Deputy, and was later seen in season nine's, "The Gentle Ones", as Cole, and in season ten's "Salute To Yesterday", as Captain Harris.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-first appearance, this time as Jim Acton's mare, showcased with Gilbert Roland's performance, in this outdoor masterpiece of filming, which seems more like a feature then a series.

         Location Trivia: Bourne's Meadow is featured for the last time on the series.  Act one with Dan Blocker, Gilbert Roland, Pat Conway, Ken Lynch, and Beauty was filmed there as well as the guest star shot of Roland in the opening credits with the tree-dotted and granite peak beyond U.S. Highway 50 in the background.  A rare look at the meadow's 600-foot beachfront with Mount Tallac in the background.  In a few filmed scenes looking beyond Dan Blocker you can actually see some cars driving by on Highway 50 on the frontside of the meadow.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Bourne's Meadow, Tahoe Meadows, Solitude Canyon, Spooner Lake, and Mount Rose Summit, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: July 23-29, 1965

208.) Devil On Her Shoulder
         October 17, 1965
         Written by:
 Suzanne Clauser
         Directed by: Virgil W. Vogel

         Ben is attracted to Sarah Reynolds, a member of a religious order led by her fanatical uncle.  When she is accused of being a witch, the Cartwrights step in.

         Guest Stars: Sarah Reynolds...Ina Balin,...Reverend Evan Morgan...John Doucette,..Gwylem...Peter Helm,...Emma Morgan...Adrienne Marden,...Essie...Angela Dorian,...Brother...Karl Lukas,...Betty Endicott...(extra; uncredited as colony member),...Clint Sharp...(extra; uncredited as colony member),...Bob Miles..(extra; uncredited as colony member).

         Trivia: Guest star John Doucette returns, this time as the fanatical Reverend Evan Morgan.  Doucette was first in season four's, "Knight Errant", as Mr. Prescott, and later seen in season nine's, "The Price Of Salt", as Seth Talbott.  Support actress Angela Dorian was the only "Bonanza" performer who went on to be a Playmate.  She was Miss September 1967 in Playboy magazine.

         Trivia: Betty Endicott makes her last appearance as an extra on the series.  She had joined the show in 1961 as Pernell's lighting stand-in and as extra for 5 years.  This was the very last episode she worked on right after Pernell left, that they called her to do.  Her dark hair and complexion are impossible to mistake for any other, not to mention how beautiful she was.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: This episode opens up with 1960 stock footage at Albertson Ranch, culled from "The Hopefuls", fading to a June 1961 stock shot of Ben riding Buck at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  The next riding shot in act one of the Cartwrights on horseback was filmed at Lake Sherwood, Southern California.

         Filming date: June 17-24, 1965

209.) Found Child
         October 24, 1965
         Written by:
 Frank Cleaver
         Directed by: Ralph E. Black

         Hoss comes upon an overturned stagecoach and discovers a little girl suffering from shock.  After the Cartwrights suceed in bringing her around, Hoss is disappointed she has relatives and cannot stay.  The girl's uncle turns out to be the enemy and Hoss saves her.  Very touching scenes between Hoss and the little girl.

         Guest Stars: Collins...Gerald Mohr,...Lisa...Eileen Baral,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Jim...Charles Bateman,...Hank...Quintin Sondergaard,...Su Chin...H. T. Tsiang,...Store Owner...Phil Chambers,...Bob Miles...(stunts; uncredited for Gerald Mohr),...Bill Clark...(stunts; uncredited for Dan Blocker).

         Trivia: Guest star Gerald Mohr, as the evil Uncle in this episode, previously in season two's, "The Abduction" as circus owner, Mr. Reed, and later in season nine's, "A Girl Named George", as Kato Troxel.

         Trivia: In the fight scene where Hoss is rescuing the little girl from her evil Uncle, a fight ensues with him and Hoss.  Bob Miles doubles for actor Gerald Mohr and Bill Clark as Hoss, in the long shots of the fight.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lake Sherwood, Southern California.

         Filming date: July 13-16, 1965

210.) The Meredith Smith
         October 31, 1965
         Written by:
 Lois Hire
         Directed by: John Florea

         Ben must determine who is the rightful heir to a fortune that includes water rights vital to the Ponderosa.  A funny episode highlighted by the always entertaining Strother Martin.

         Guest Stars: Callie...Anne Helm,...Ace...Robert Colbert,...Little Meredith...Strother Martin,...Swanson...Robert Sorrells,...Mr. Potts...Eddie Firestone,...Widow Smith...Winnie Coffin,...Jake Smith...Burt Mustin,...Ching...Kam Tong,...Ozzie...Wynn Pearce,...Cal...Howard Wright,...Ah Chow...Guy Lee,...Ira...Owen Bush.

         Trivia: Guest star Strother Martin making another appearance, as one of the "Meredith Smith's", previously seen in season five's, "The Saga Of Muley Jones", as one of the bootleggers, and later in season eleven's, "The Silence At Stillwater", twelve's, "The Imposters", and "The Younger Brother's Younger Brother" as Cole Younger.  Anne Helm making her first appearance as yet another "Meredith Smith", later seen in season nine's, "Pride Of A Man", as Ms. Pettigrew.  Robert Sorrells returns, claiming he is "Meredith", previously seen in earlier episodes and later seen in season eleven's, "Dead Wrong" as Sid.  Eddie Firestone reprises his role as Potts, the prissy hotel clerk, previously seen in "A Good Night's Rest", and later in season ten's, "Five Candles" as the town drunk.

         Trivia: This story was based on a real person, named Meredith Smith.  While on a flight, David Dortort was speaking with him, after hearing a stewardess call his name, and asked about his background and name.

         Filming date: August 13-19, 1965

211.) Mighty Is The Word
         November 7, 1965
         Written by:
 Thomas Thompson, Robert L. Goodwin
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Virginia City's newest preacher is an ex-gunfighter who wants only to build a new church, but the brother of one of his victims has other ideas.  The blueprints for the church are said to be a gift from Adam.

         Guest Stars: Reverend Paul Watson...Glenn Corbett,...Sue Watson...Sue Randall,...Cliff Rexford...Michael Witney,...Dolly...Julie Gregg,...Deputy Bill...Bill Clark...(extra; uncredited).

         Trivia: Guest star Glenn Corbett, making his first appearance, as Reverend Paul Watson, later seen in season twelve's, "Winter Kill", Sue Randall in her last appearance, as Sue, his wife.  Michael Witney makes the first of his four appearances, in this one as Cliff Rexford, who has a vendetta against Paul Watson.  Witney is later seen in season eight's, "Tommy", season nine's, "The Stronghold", and in season thirteen's, "The Prisoners".

         Michael Witney was born as Whitney Michael Armstrong on November 21, 1931 in New York City. He was a very good character actor who appeared in numerous television series and films in the 60's, 70's and early 80's. He was tall at 6' 1", with a large build and good-looking with brown hair. He had a deep voice and was often cast as a brother or villain in TV and film.

         In 1966, he and Tom Simcox starred in a unsold pilot for a proposed CBS-Western series about railroad workers that was called "The Iron Man." For 'Bonanza', he was cast in the episodes "Mighty Is the Word," "Tommy," "The Stronghold," and "The Prisoners." He did a great job playing Tyree in the 'Star Trek' episode "A Private Little War" in 1967, with William Shatner and Nancy Kovack. He worked in films such as "Darling Lili" (1970), "Doc" (1971), "Head On" (1971), "The Catcher" (1972), "W" (1974) and "There Goes the Bride" (1983).

         He married Donna (Jojo) Collette Bailey in 1956 and they divorced in 1976. Going back a few years to 1974, he was hired to star in the thriller film W, and his co-star was UK-born model Twiggy Lawson. The two begun dating and married in 1977 and they had a daughter, Carly, born in 1978. Right after they married, Twiggy found out Mike was an alcoholic. "He was a lovely man," she said, "but he had a major problem and it ended up killing him."

         When Twiggy was 31, and a star on Broadway with the show 'My One and Only', Witney's drinking soared out of control and he was becoming more violent. After one row, he punched his fist through a plasterboard wall. Twiggy left and took Carly with her. Witney joined Alcoholics Anonymous, but he died of a heart attack in McDonalds where he had taken Carly to celebrate her fifth birthday in New York City, on November 30, 1983. Michael had turned 52, just ten days before his tragic death on the 21st of the month. He is still missed to this day.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lake Sherwood, Southern California, with the inclusion of June 1961 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and June 1964 stock footage of Hoss and Joe driving the buckboard at Kernville, California.

         Filming date: August 16-23, 1965

212.) The Strange One
         November 14, 1965
         Written by:
 Jo Pagano, Stephen Lord
         Directed by: Gerd Oswald
         Original Story Title: "Bewitched"

         Hoss and Joe find a woman abandoned by a wagon train because her gift of prophecy is considered a curse.  "Wouldn't it be wonderful," says Ben, "if eveybody made a real effort to understand whatever's strange and unfamiliar rather to fear it and try to destroy it?"

         Guest Stars: Marie...Louise Sorel,...Wyn...Willard Sage,...Jeremy...Robert McQueeney,...Francine...Jean Engstrom,...Luke...Michael Barrier,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Rene...Jean Del Val,...Wagon Train Member...Bill Clark...(extra; uncredited),...Wagon Train Member...Clint Sharp...(extra; uncredited).

         Trivia: Guest star Louise Sorel, one of TV's best actresses, as Marie, still active in daytime television, also remembered in the classic Star Trek episode, "Requiem For Methuselah", as Rayna.  Williard Sage playing the heavy, seen later in season eight's, "Dark Enough To See The Stars", and Robert McQueeney, previously seen in season two's, "The Rival", eight's, "Black Friday", and in nine's, "False Witness", as the Sheriff.

         Censorship Trivia: Pat Robertson, the former owner of the Family Channel refused to air this episode along with four others because it clashed with his religious beliefs.  It was compiled into a TV-movie with thirteen's "Second Sight" (also censored), entitled "Bonanza-The Movie" (1989) and aired on the USA Network.  It was later aired unedited on the Goodlife Network from 1999 to 2001.  It's currently seen on Hallmark Channel through 2007.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-second appearance, this time as the wild stallion who breaks out of a neighboring ranch and Joe sets out to capture him, and winds up getting hurt.  Beauty also plays the horse ridden by Jeremy in this episode.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch, Southern California with the inclusion of June 1964 stock footage of Hoss and Joe at Oynx, also with June 1964 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise near Kernville and June 1961 stock shot of him riding through the wooded clearing at Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  The inclusion of June 1961 stock footage is seen at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and June 1964 stock shot of Beauty running free at Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Desert, California.

         Filming date: June 1-8, 1965

213.) The Reluctant Rebel
         November 21, 1965
         Written by:
 Wally Geor
         Directed by: R. G. Springsteen

         The Generation Gap, Western-style, as Hoss tries to bring a young man and his father closer together.

         Guest Stars: Billy Penn...Tim Considine,...Hank Penn...Royal Dano,...Sam Cotterfield...Keith London,...Sport...Craig Curtis,...Burkhart...Mike Ragan,...Millie...Janis Hansen,...Shale...Ray Hemphill,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Tim Considine),...Jesse Wayne...( uncredited; stunts and additional gang member ),...Bill Clark...( uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker ).

         Trivia: Guest star Royal Dano, as Mr. Penn, father of Billy, previously seen in three's, "Gift Of Water", and in eight's, "A Man Without Land".  Tim Considine, as Billy, best remembered from Disney's, "Spin & Marty".  His brother is actor John Considine.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California.

         Filming date: August 24-31, 1965

214.) Five Sundowns To Sunup
         December 5, 1965
         Written by:
 William L. Stuart
         Directed by: Gerd Oswald

         The mother of a young outlaw condemned to hang, threatens to have her gang's hostages killed if her son is not set free.  One of the hostages is Joe.  Good direction by Gerd Oswald helps this seem more like a feature film than a series.

         Guest Stars: Ma Lassiter...Marie Windsor,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Reverend Holmes...Douglas Henderson,...Major Sutcliffe...John Hoyt,...Harry Lassiter...Jack Chaplain,...Merrick...G. B. Atwater,...Deputy John Maddock...Bruce Mars,...Judge Simpson...Stacy Harris,...Kirt...Tom Drake,...Gwylnedd...John Alderson,...Carver...James Davison,...Albee...William Tannen,...Weems...Dan White,...Deets...K. L. Smith,...Big Gang Member...Roy Jenson...(uncredited; stunts and horseback stunts).

         Trivia: Guest star John Hoyt, previously seen in four's, "The Decision", and in Star Trek's, "The Cage", later made into, "The Menagerie".  James Davidson makes his first appearance as Carver Lassiter.  The late Marie Windsor as Mrs. Lassiter, along with Douglas Henderson as the Reverend, later seen in nine's, "The Gentle Ones".  Stacy Harris once again, as Judge Simpson, John Alderson, who was in three's, "The Countess", K. L. Smith, later seen in ten's, "The Passing Of A King", seen as a Klingon in the classic Star Trek episode, "Elaan Of Troyius", and Bruce Mars, as Johnny, later seen in seven's, "The Fighters".  He is best remembered as "Finnegan", Captain Kirk's old nemesis from his acadamy days at Starfleet, bested in a fight with Kirk, in Star Trek's, "Shore Leave", and as a police officer in Trek's, "Assignment: Earth".  Roy Jenson, uncredited, previously seen in this season's, "The Brass Box", and earlier episodes, later seen in ten's, "The Wish", and in fourteen's, "Forever".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California.

         Filming date: September 1-9, 1965

215.) A Natural Wizard
         December 12, 1965
         Written by:
 William Blinn, Suzanne Clauser
         Directed by: Robert Totten

         Hoss finds a kindred spirit in Skeeter Dexter, a lonesome young man who feels closer to animals than most people.

         Guest Stars: Skeeter Dexter...Eddie Hodges,...Joy Dexter...Jacqueline Scott,...Doctor Woods...Karl Swenson,...Stony...Douglas Kennedy,...Ranch Hand...Robert Rothwell,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Jesse Wayne...(stunts; uncredited for Eddie Hodges),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker).

         Trivia: Guest star Jacqueline Scott makes her last appearance, as Skeeter's mother, previously seen in earlier episodes, Douglas Kennedy makes yet another, as well as Karl Swenson, later seen in nine's, "Showdown At Tahoe".

         Trivia: While on location at Lake Sherwood, for this episode, stuntman Jesse Wayne was doubling for guest star Eddie Hodges, who, in one scene, jumped out of the window in the cabin, and than limped away.  Unfortunately, the little fox that guest star Eddie Hodges was taking care of escaped, after doing a scene.  Since the fox was defanged, and with coyotes on the prowl at Lake Sherwood, the animal wrangler didn't pursue him long.  When the fox got loose, one of the wranglers, wearing hip waders, went after the fox as it swam away.  He got about 50 feet out, and the waders started to fill up in the chest high water.  He quickly abandoned the fox and swam back to the lakeshore, soaked!

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lake Sherwood, Southern California and June 1964 stock footage of Hoss riding Chubby at Kernville, California.

         Filming date: September 10-17, 1965

216.) All Ye His Saints
         December 19, 1965
         Written by:
 William Blinn
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         In this series' highlight, little Michael Thorpe heads to the high country to ask God to spare his critically wounded father, believing he has found Him in the form of longtime fugitive Tom Cain.

         Guest Stars: Tom Cain...Leif Erickson,... Michael Thorpe...Clint Howard,...Lijah...Rodolfo Acosta,...Evan Thorpe...Simon Scott,...Doctor...Harvey Stephens,...Bob Miles...(horseback stunts; uncredited as Deputy 1),...Charlie Briggs...(extra; uncredited as Deputy 2),...Bill Clark (uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker),...Felix Silla (uncredited; stunt double for Clint Howard)..

         Trivia: Returning guest star Leif Erickson as Tom Cain, previously seen in two's, "The Rescue", and star of Dortort's, "The High Chaparral".  Rodolfo Acosta returns, this time as Lijah, the Indian.  Clint Howard as Michael Thorpe, younger brother of actor Ron Howard, and Simon Scott, as Michael's father, seen in season one's, "Vendetta" as Pryor, and in season nine's, "The Late Ben Cartwright", as Judge Farraday.

         Trivia: This story was originally written for Adam (Pernell Roberts), but Roberts left the show five months prior to production of Bonanza's seventh season, and it was given to Michael Landon.

         Script Trivia: This script was originally written during the sixth season and with Pernell in the lead role.  It was finished halfway through the sixth year, approximately on October 2, 1964.  Due to the story's setting, on a high mountaintop required the cast and crew to travel to Tahoe Meadows at Lake Tahoe, and winter was just underway making it impossible to film there until June or July of the next year.  The following year, with Pernell's departure on February 22, 1965, some five months later they took the story to Tahoe Meadows in July 1965 with Michael Landon in the lead role for the seventh season of the series.

         Stunt Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his twenty-third appearance on the series.  In this episode he plays the mare that Hoss and Joe bring to Mr. Thorpe's ranch.

         Stock Footage Trivia: The granite monolith of a mountain with the river seen below it was taken from Paramount's film library and edited in for certain shots with the local footage in the storyline. No such a mountain exists in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and Nevada.  The appropriate state would be in the Montana region, which is identical in nature to this stock footage seen only in this episode.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lake Sherwood, Southern California and Tahoe Meadows, Lake Tahoe, Nevada with Montana stock footage of the glacial valley, that was culled from Paramount's film library of Western feature films.

         Filming date: July 30 to August 6, 1965

217.) The Dublin Lad
         January 2, 1966
         Written by:
 Mort Thaw
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         After sitting on a jury that has convicted Terrence O' Tool of murder, Joe has second thoughts about the verdict and decides to do some investigating of his own.  Good story, not as predictable as others of this sort.

         Guest Stars: Terrence O' Toole...Liam Sullivan,...Molly Dimmer...Maggie Mahoney,...Jeb Dimmer...Tim McIntire,...Mr. Porter...Paul Birch,...Judge...Paul Genge,...Bartender...Bern Hoffman,...Jury Foreman...Robert Carson,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Bill Clark...(extra; uncredited as posseman),...Clint Sharp...(extra; uncredited as posseman).

         Trivia: Guest star Liam Sullivan as Terrence, also seen in Little House's, "What Ever Happened To The Class Of '56?", and in Highway To Heaven's, "Summit".  Tim McIntire makes his second appearance on the series.  He was previously seen in six's "Logan's Treasure" and in the following season's "Old Charlie".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California, with June 1964 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise at Onyx and June 1961 stock footage at Solitude Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Filming date: October 25 to November 1, 1965

218.) To Kill A Buffalo
         January 9, 1966
         Written by:
 Michael Fisher
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Hoss finds a wounded young Indian on the prairie, who is torn between accepting the ways of the white man or returning to his old life.

         Guest Stars: Tatu...Jose De Vega,...Martinez...Steven Gravers,...Julie...Trudy Ellison,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Mrs. Flanners...Sarah Selby,...Doctor...Grandon Rhodes,...Old Indian...Ralph Moody,...Bob Miles...(stunts; uncredited for Steven Gravers and horseback double for Jose De Vega, extra; uncredited as townsman),...Bill Clark...(extra; uncredited as townsman).

         Trivia: Bob Miles doubling for actor Steven Gravers, in the scenes in the barn fight, where Martinez (Steven Gravers) is trying to kill the young Indian boy, with a pitchfork.  Bob Miles and Bill Clark, as two of the town locals, ridiculing the Indian boy so much in Virginia City, he pulls a knife on them, but Hoss puts a stop to it.

         Filmed on location at: Albertson Ranch in Southern California.

         Filming date: September 20-27, 1965

219 and 220.) Ride The Wind
         Part One: January 16, 1966
         Part Two: January 23, 1966
         Written by:
 Paul Schneider
         Directed by: William Witney

         Charles Ludlow realizes his lifelong dream when he starts the Pony Express in Virginia City (with Ben's generous financial help).  Little Joe is anxious to make history, and ignoring Ben's protests, signs up as a rider.  The Pony Express is in great danger from the very beginning; Chief Winnemucca and his tribe have threatened to kill anyone who crosses their land, which lies on an important stretch of the route.  Charles Ludlow is anxious to make peace with Winnemucca, but his media-hungry assistant, Curtis Wade, wants to fight.

         Tully, a reporter from back East (played by DeForest Kelley), latches onto Curtis Wade in order to get a great story.  Charles Ludlow is alone in his efforts to make peace with Winnemucca, and he is killed while delivering his peace treaty.  With Ludlow dead, his son Jabez, goes into a state of drunken self-pity.  Curtis Wade takes over the Pony Express, and with Tully the newspaperman by his side, has his own ideas for stopping the Indian threat.

         Ben, who has given thousands of dollars to the operation, has been a friend of Winnemucca's for many years, and strongly objects to Wade's methods.  Little Joe pulls Jabez out of his depression, and just as Wade is about to publicly execute Winnemucca's son, Jabez and the Cartwrights defeat him.  Wade resigns in disgrace, and Jabez Ludlow takes over his father's dream.  Ben makes another mentioning of Adam's departure on the series.  The first "Bonanza" to be shown in two parts.

         Guest Stars (complete cast): Charles Ludlow...Victor Jory...Curtis Wade...Rod Cameron...Tully...DeForest Kelley...Jabez Ludow...Tom Lowell...Hoke...Warren Vanders...Aaron...Stewart Moss...Sykes...James Noah...Herb...Clay Tanner...Pat...David Pritchard...Winnemucca...Richard Hale...Bornstein...Wolf Barzell...DeVere...Robert Brubaker...Jenson...Gil Greene....Hank...Peter Ritter...Emmett...Tom Lutz...Fontaine...Roger Etienne...Hoffman...Bill Edwards...Spiers...Ben Wright...Homer...Raymond Guth...Wilson...Bill Clark....Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung...Jones...Bob LaWandt...Bear Dance...Jack Bighead...and Bob Miles (uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon and Stewart Moss, stunt double for Tom Lowell), Fred Carson (stunts; uncredited for Rod Cameron), Bill Clark (uncredited; stunts and horseback double for Dan Blocker),...Ed Jauregui (uncredited; stunt and horseback double for Lorne Greene).

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles for Michael at the start of the show at Red Rock Canyon on the stunt Paint, racing another stuntman.  Throughout this two-parter, Bob would ride for Michael the brown stunthorse called the Pony Express mount at Red Rock Canyon, where Michael would only do his riding shots at the safer Vasquez Rocks, one hour down the desert highway.  One time when Michael was learning how to ride the stunthorse for close-ups, he jumped atop him, took off, and the horse hit the ground.  He got back on and stayed on him until the horse got accustomed to him.

         Trivia: In yet another chronological mistake in the series' continuity, the Pony Express was long out of service, at the time this episode was made for season seven of the series.  The actual year is 1866, where the Pony Express ran from April of 1860 to November of 1861.  Had this made for the very first season, in reality, it would have flowed perfectly with the continuity of the series, which was accurate the first two years, then became very inaccurate afterwards.  The Pony riders that were selected were between ages 16 and 23, and most were not over 130 pounds in weight, where a 148 pound Little Joe would have been turned down, but could have squeezed by, since he was still in the right age group, between 18 and 19 years old.

         Trivia: Veteran serial and movie actors Rod Cameron as Wade and Victor Jory as Ludlow in this two-parter.  Robert Brubaker makes yet another appearance in act one, Warren Vanders as the Indian-fighting Pony rider, previously seen in six's, "The Far, Far, Better Thing" and later episodes: nine's, "The Trackers", and in twelve's, "The Desperado".  DeForest Kelly makes his second and final appearance as Tully, the reporter, previously seen in "The Honor Of Cochise", and "The Decision".  More familiar faces, Clay Tanner, who was also in eight's, "The Pursued", Stewart Moss as a young Pony rider, seen in Star Trek's, "The Naked Time", and Richard Hale, as Chief Winnemucca, later seen in eight's, "Journey To Terror", season nine's, "Sense Of Duty" as Chief Winetka, and also in Star Trek's, "The Paradise Syndrome" as Indian Chief, Goro.

         Trivia: Richard Hale plays Chief Winnemucca, in his fourth and fifth appearance on the series.  Actors Harry Bartell ("Death On Sun Mountain"), Anthony Caruso ("The Paiute War"), Bruce Gordon ("The Henry Comstock Story") all from the first season, and later in the series' run, Iron Eyes Cody ("Terror At 2:00").

         Filming Trivia: In some of the shots at Red Rock Canyon, you can see plywood sheets that were covered over with sand and dirt, running the length of the red cliffs. For the final scenes in the story with Lorne's voice narration, had the plywood removed to see a dirt road for the Pony riders, which the crew had made for those shots alone.

         Stunt Trivia: In the fight at Vasquez Rocks at the climax, Ed Jauregui horseback doubles Lorne Greene in a bit part, riding in and jumping off Buck and tackling stuntman Fred Carson, who doubles actor Rod Cameron in bit parts.  Ed and Fred do their fight scenes in long shots, while Lorne and Rod do their close-ups, with Fred Carson doing some over-the-shoulder shots with Lorne in some scenes.

         Just prior to the fight with Ben and Wade, Bob Miles doubles Tom Lowell as Jabez, with Fred Carson doubling Rod Cameron, throwing Miles on the ground, who is trying to stop Wade from spooking the horses, so Winnemucca's son Bear Dance won't hang on the buckboard.  Bob Miles also horseback doubles actor Stewart Moss as Aaron, when he rides in the Western Street and falls off his horse from exhaustion, earlier in the show.

         Trivia: Lorne Greene's infrequent voice-overs are heard in the two-parter version of "Ride The Wind", at the beginning of part two, and at the end of part two of this two-parter.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Red Rock Canyon, Mojave Desert and Vasquez Rocks, Southern California, and June 1962 stock footage of Ben and Hoss at Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California.

         Filming date: September 28 to October 5, 1965 (Part 1)
                                October 6-13, 1965 (Part 2)

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Season Seven Episodes 221 - 235 continued...

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