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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Episode Guide
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Adam, Little Joe, Ben and Hoss!
Season Two...1960-1961

Still Losing To Perry Mason
On Saturdays

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 33.) Showdown
         September 10, 1960
         Written by:
 Dean Riesner
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         A young bank robber hires on at the Ponderosa in order to keep his gang informed of the law's efforts to discover their whereabouts.

         Guest Stars: Sam Kirby...Ben Cooper,...Pardo...Jack Lambert,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Ellie...Jody Warner,...Tom McClure...John Maxwell,...Telegrapher...Norman Leavitt,...Link...Red Morgan,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon),...Robert Herron...(uncredited; horseback double for Pernell Roberts).

         Trivia: Ray Teal makes the first of his 88 appearances as Sheriff Roy Coffee on the series.

         Trivia: Guest star Ben Cooper makes his first of two appearances, later seen in "The Horse Breaker".

         Stunt Trivia: This is the first time Pernell Roberts is horseback doubled.  Robert Herron doubles him in the corral, and would later double Pernell in the savage hotel fight in this season's "The Bride".  Bob Miles horseback doubles Little Joe in the corral on location. Michael only films his close-ups on a mock-up "horse" on Stage 16.  Ben Cooper was an accomplished horseman and needed no stunt double.  He could do it all himself.

         Trivia: Season one's opening credits at the Janss Conejo Ranch are reused, along with the stage 16 close-ups from episodes 33 through episode 41.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Janss Conejo Ranch, Southern California.

         Film date: May 20-28, 1960

 34.) The Mission
         September 17, 1960
         Written by:
 Robert E. Thompson
         Directed by: James Neilson

         Filmed almost entirely outdoors, this is more like a feature than a series.  Captain Pender is looking for a scout to lead him and his company of men across the desert, along with a currency shipment they are carrying to another army fort.  Charlie Trent, a former scout and now a drunk, still blames himself for his troops being led to massacre.  Hoss sees that this is Charlie's opportunity to redeem himself and win back his honor.  Meantime, Captain Pender is having trouble with Cutter, another scout who is a devious and cunning bear of a man, who agreed to lead him across the desert, but Pender lets him go and with Hoss' suggestion, Captain Pender agress to have Charlie be their scout.

         Anxious to get his hands on the army currency shipment, Cutter and his men start out ahead of Captain Pender, Hoss, and Charlie and are every step ahead of them on the trek.  Cutter and his men have already poisoned two water holes that the soldiers and horses needed, and Hoss and Charlie come up with a plan, to stop Cutter and his cutthroats once and for all.  Stellar performances by Henry Hull, Peter Whitney, Lane Bradford, and John Dehner.

         Guest Stars: Charlie Trent...Henry Hull,...Captain Pender...John Dehner,...Lt. Cutter...Peter Whitney,...Sergeant...Don Collier,...Corporal Burton...Harry Carey, Jr.,...Buck...Lane Bradford,...Morgan...Dale Van Sickel,...Latigo...Donnelly Rhodes,...Kelly...Michael Ragan,...Johnson...Ray Hemphill,...O' Hara...Robert Adler,...Bank Clerk...Leo Needham.

         Trivia: Henry Hull makes his second appearance on the series, this time as former Army scout Charlie Trent.  He was previously in one's "The Gunmen" as lawman B. Bannerman Brown.  The great John Dehner makes his first of two appearances, in this episode as Captain Pender.  He later guested in five's "The Gentleman From New Orleans" as Jean Lafitte. Character actor Peter Whitney makes his first appearance on the series, in this episode as traitorous Lt. Cutter, in a stellar performance.  He later appears in nine's "Commitment at Angelus" and thirteen's "The Iron Butterfly".

         Serial star Lane Bradford makes his second appearance, this time as Buck.  His first appearance was in one's "Enter Mark Twain" as Lash's foreman.  Harry Carey, Jr. makes his second appearance, this time as Corporal Burton.  His first appearance was in one's "Vendetta" as one of the Morgan gang.  Don Collier makes his first of many appearances as the Sergeant who gets killed by Cutter later in the story.  Donnelly Rhodes plays Latigo in Cutter's gang, where Dale Van Sickel plays soldier Morgan, along with Michael Ragan as soldier Kelly.  Van Sickel was George Reeve's stunt double in the 50's TV series "Superman".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Lake Los Angeles, Antelope Valley, California.

         Film date: June 8-15, 1960

 35.) Badge Without Honor
         September 24, 1960
         Written by:
 John Twist
         Directed by: Arthur Lubin

         Adam's life is saved by an enigmatic U. S. Marshal who has come to Virginia City to arrest a friend of the Cartwrights.  Outstanding performance by Dan Duryea.

         Guest Stars: Gerald Eskith...Dan Duryea,...Jason Blaine...Fred Beir,...Mariette Blaine...Christine White,...Judge Rand...Wendell Holmes,...Gideon Clevenger...Richard Warren,...Cousin Number 1...James Hong,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt and extra as bushwhacker).

         Trivia: Guest star Dan Duryea, making the first of two appearances, later seen in "Logan's Treasure".  Bobby Miles, seen as one of the two bushwhackers, who Adam fends off, in the opening act.

         Film date: June 24 to July 1, 1960

 36.) The Mill
         October 1, 1960
         Written by:
 Halstead Wells
         Directed by: John Rich

         The Cartwrights construct a grist mill to provide income for a crippled rancher who blames Ben for his predicament.  Ben has to contend with the man's depraved caretaker, and finds himself attracted to his wife.  "Sons can't be everything," Ben tells her.

         Guest Stars: Ezekial...Claude Akins,...Tom Edwards...Harry Townes,...Joyce Edwards...Dianne Foster.

         Trivia: A one-time treat: at the closing of the opening credits, Lake Tahoe's Northeast shore, the waters sparkling before the sun setting, with the guest stars' names in yellow letters, superimposed onto the film, is seen only once in the series' history.

         Trivia: Guest star Harry Townes as the embittered cripple, later seen in "The War Comes To Washoe", and in "The Medal".  Townes also appeared in the classic Star Trek episode, "The Return Of The Archons" as Reger.  Claude Akins in his second appearance, also seen in "Desert Justice", "Sam Hill", and in "The Deserter".

         Filmed on location at: Lake Sherwood in Southern California.

         Film date: June 16-23, 1960

 37.) The Hopefuls
         October 8, 1960
         Written by:
 E. Jack Newman
         Directed by: James Neilson

         Adam guides a wagon train of Quakers and falls for the leader's daughter, Regina.  The force Adam must employ to protect them, conflicts with their passive philosophy of life.

         Guest Stars: Jacob Darien...Larry Gates,...Regina Darien...Patricia Donahue,...Sam Bord...Dennis Patrick,..Shenandoah...Charles Maxwell,...Matthew...Jason Johnson,...Mr. Blair...Paul Genge,...Townsman #1...Richard Reeves,...Townsman #2...Clegg Hoyt,...Blacksmith...Hank Patterson,...Older Man...Clarence Straight,...Card Player...Tom Newman,...Deputy...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra),...Blonde Quaker Girl...Martha Manor,...Brunette Quaker Girl...Betty Endicott.

         Trivia: Veteran actor Larry Gates makes his only appearance on the series as Jacob Darien, with the beautiful and blonde Patricia Donahue as his daughter Regina Darien.  Dennis Patrick makes his only appearance playing the enigmatic Sam Bord, along with serial star Charles Maxwell, making another appearance, this time as Shenandoah.  Support actor Jason Johnson makes his first appearance on the series, in this episode playing Matthew.  He would later appear uncredited in four's "My Brother's Keeper" as Vince, and in six's "A Man to Admire" as the telegrapher.  Paul Genge plays Mr. Blair and is later seen as the judge in seven's "The Dublin Lad".

         Minor support player Richard Reeves makes his second and last appearance on the series, playing a drunken townsman on the street.  His first appearance was in one's "The Saga of Annie O' Toole" as Clayton. Clegg Hoyt makes his first appearance on the series, next to Reeves, playing another townsman, disturbing the lovely Regina and Adam puts a stop to it.  Hank Patterson plays the old blacksmith in the other town where Adam is looking for Sam Bord, with Clarence Straight as the older man Adam speaks to on the boardwalk.

         Bonanza extras Betty Endicott and Martha Manor both play Quaker girls in this episode.  Bill Clark plays an extra & stunt bit, as one of Shenandoah's partners, who gets shot and killed by Adam at night.  David Rose composed and scores the beautifully swelling and emotionally moving choral music in this episode, which would later be rescored for segments of seven's "Devil on Her Shoulder" and in thirteen's "Second Sight".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Albertson Ranch, Southern California.

         Film date: July 5-12, 1960

 38.) Denver McKee
         October 15, 1960
         Written by:
 Fred Freiberger, Steve McNeil
         Directed by: Jacques Tourneur

         Veteran actor Franchot Tone ("Mutiny On The Bounty") portrays a former lawman gone bad in a story directed by Jacques Tourneur, another Hollwood pro ("Cat People","Stars In My Crown").  Of course, Joe is sweet on the old man's daughter.

         Guest Stars: Denver McKee...Franchot Tone,...Connie McKee...Natalie Trundy,...Miles...Ken Mayer...Harvey...Stephen Courtleigh,...Mort...Bob Barker,...Pete Redfurn...William Fawcett,...Corey...Jim Galante,...Fleming...Pete Robinson...Bob Miles...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon).

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch, Southern California and June - July 1959 stock footage of Spooner Meadow, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: July 21-28, 1960

 39.) Day Of Reckoning
         October 22, 1960
         Written by:
 R. Hamer Norris, Leonard Heideman
         Directed by: Richard Bartlett

         Prejudice erupts on both sides when Ben gives an Indian named Matsou and his wife, some of his land, after saving Ben's life from a renegade Indian who almost killed him on the Ponderosa.  An intense and magnetic performance by Ricardo Montalban.

         Guest Stars: Matsou...Ricardo Montalban,...Itoya...Madlyn Rhue....Lagos...Anthony Caruso,...Ike Daggert...Karl Swenson,...Dr. Martin...Roy Engel,...Mrs. Daggert...Gail Bonney,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Anthony Caruso),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Richard Bartlett directed this episode and was the first director to get the filming schedule on track at 5-1/2 days.  All the previous directors couldn't get in down the first year and early the second year, with the filming encompassing 8-11 days.  Bartlett set a new record and standard for the series' weekly filming.  Incidentally, he wouldn't direct any more episodes after this one, because of his mouth and arguments with the producers at the network.

         Trivia: Guest stars Ricardo Montalban and Madlyn Rhue also appeared in the classic Star Trek episode, "Space Seed", with Montalban as Khan, and Rhue as Lt. Marla McGivers.  Guest star Anthony Caruso also appeared in the classic Star Trek episode, "A Piece Of The Action" as gangster Bela Oxmyx.  Guest star Karl Swenson played Lars Hanson, in "Little House On The Prairie".

         Stunt Trivia: In the opening act when Ben is attacked by Lagos, it's actually Bob Miles doubling for actor Anthony Caruso and Bill Clark doubling for Lorne Greene in a very fast filmed action shot.

         Trivia: Stock footage from Paramount's film library is used for the Indians mounting their uprising against the settlers.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch and July 1959 stock footage at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: July 13-20, 1960

 40.) The Abduction
         October 29, 1960
         Written by:
 Herman Groves
         Directed by: Charles F. Haas

         Hoss and Joe take their sweethearts to a colorful and strange carnival for the day.  Joe's recent girlfriend Jennifer Beale is abducted by the sinister owner, Philip Reed and his accomplice Gerner.  Her father is Joshua Beale, the richest man in the Comstock.  Gerner convinces Reed to hold her for a $1 million dollar ransom, and her father will gladly pay them to ensure her safe return.  Reed's girlfriend Della Thompson is jealous of Jennifer and has second thoughts about the abduction.  Hoss and Joe take notice of Jennifer's disappearance and travel deep into the bowels of the carnival, meeting fierce resistance from the carnival people at every avenue.  They come up without a trace of finding her.

         Della tells Joe her suspicions about the abduction of Jennifer and before she can say anymore, Gerner discreetly throws a knife in her back and she dies in a pool of blood.  Reed calls the Sheriff on the scene and together they organize a manhunt to capture Joe for the murder of Della.  Roudin the Mystic disagrees with Reed's motives and offers to help Hoss and Joe, but must enlist the help of the mammoth Hercules, who has sworn to kill Joe for murdering Della.  Together, they turn the tables on Reed and Gerner, and Jennifer is safely found in Reed's quarters.  Roudin takes charge of the carnival and Hoss and Joe wish him the best of luck.  This episode was filmed in its entirety on Stage 16 and 17 at Paramount Studios.

         Guest Stars: Philip Reed...Gerald Mohr,...Della Thompson...Barbara Lawrence,...Jennifer Beale...Jackie Russell,...Roudin...Theodore Marcuse,...Gerner...Jerry Oddo,...Carnival Guide...Bob Hopkins,...Harriet...Laurie Mitchell,...Sheriff...Stafford Repp,...Hercules...Robert Maffei,...Daisy...Mary Orozco,...Ticket Salesman...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),...Thug...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra and stunts).

         Trivia: Gerald Mohr makes his first appearance as Philip Reed, the sinister carnival owner.  He later appears as other characters in seven's "Found Child" and nine's "A Girl Named George".  Barbara Lawrence plays his girlfriend Della Thompson, along with Jackie Russell as Joe's girlfriend, Jennifer Beale.  Character actor Theodore Marcuse plays Roudin the Mystic, whose memorable face and voice were seen in many TV shows and films.  He died in a road accident in 1967.

         Jerry Oddo plays the treacherous Gerner, who abducts Jennifer, than kills both Della and Mr. Reed and is finally defeated by Little Joe.  Harriet is played by Laurie Mitchell who later appears as Julie in five's "King of the Mountain".  Stafford Repp makes his second appearance, this time playing the Sheriff and Robert Maffei plays Hercules.  He stood 7 feet tall in bare feet and weighed 400 pounds.  His nickname was "Big Buck".  Mary Orozco plays Daisy, the big and sweet-faced carnival lady in "The Abduction".

         Fight Trivia: Michael does his complete fight, along with Jerry Oddo in the climax of this episode.

         Film date: May 31 to June 7, 1960

 41.) Breed Of Violence
         November 5, 1960
         Written by:
 David Lang
         Directed by: John Florea

         While tracking wolves responsible for killing Ponderosa cattle, Hoss and Joe become the captives of outlaws.  The girlfriend of the gang's leader is the rebellious daughter of a strict sheriff, as well as a friend of Joe's.

         Guest Stars: Vince Dagen...John Ericson,...Dolly Kincaid...Myrna Fahey,...Sheriff Kincaid...Val Avery,...Clegg...Hal Baylor,...Robe...Norman Alden,...Poke...Paul Lukather,...Trager...Charles Wagenheim,...Deputy...Stuart Randall,...Bob Miles...(credited as John and stunts; uncredited for Michael Landon and Paul Lukather),...Alex Sharp...(stunts; uncredited for John Ericson),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; posseman).

         Trivia: German-born actor John Ericson makes his first appearance as the vicious desperado Vince Dagen.  He later appears in eight's "Journey to Terror" as the sinister outlaw Wade Hollister.  The late Myrna Fahey plays Dolly Kincaid and Val Avery plays her father, Sheriff Kincaid. Other supporting players include Hal Baylor as Clegg, making the second of his 10 appearances playing heavies on the series.  Paul Lukather plays Poke, later seen in six's "The Trap" as Cletus and Norman Alden plays Robe.

         Stunt Trivia: In the fight on the Western Street, both Michael and John Ericson do their fight with no stunt doubling.  In the fights after this, Joe is doubled by Bob Miles in bit parts and Vince is doubled by Alex Sharp in bit parts, too.  Miles also doubles Poke when he takes the fall off the horse in the front yard.

         Filmed on location at: Iverson Ranch and July 1959 stock footage at Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: July 29 to August 5, 1960

 42.) The Last Viking
         November 12, 1960
         Written by:
 Anthony Lawrence
         Directed by: John Florea

         Hoss meets his Uncle Gunnar for the first time, unaware that he commands a band of raiding comancheros.

         Guest Stars: Gunnar Borgstrom...Neville Brand,...Carrie McClane...Sonja Wilde,...Vaca...Al Ruscio,...Duzzag...Louis Mercier,...Morgan...Ric Marlowe,...Abe McClane...Herbert Lytton,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Neville Brand and Al Ruscio),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker).

         Photography Trivia: In the scenes of Hoss and Uncle Gunnar conversing on Stage 16, and later, Hoss and Ben, the actors do their filmed shots with black felt placed to the rear of them.  The film is optically printed on the Big Bear stock footage, called a matte shot.  Last episode where opening scenes are at the Janss Conejo Ranch.

         Trivia: Guest star Neville Brand, as Uncle Gunnar, and secretly the head of the comanchero, was decorated in the Army, in World War II, for his brave gallantry.  Brand also appeared in later Bonanza episodes such as, "The Luck Of Pepper Shannon" and in "The Rattlesnake Brigade".  Guest star Al Ruscio, an Italian actor, seen in many series, even in "Highway To Heaven", with Stella Stevens.  Ruscio played the incorrigable comanchero who shoots Little Joe, almost killing him, in act four.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles as Gunnar in the long shots of the fight at the pond at Iverson Ranch.  Bill Clark also doubles Hoss the long shots at the pond.  Neville Brand and Dan Blocker only do their filmed close-ups in the fight.  In the second fight, Gunnar versus Vaca on Stage 16, Bob Miles doubles Vaca (Al Ruscio) while Neville Brand does his complete fight without the aid of a stuntman.  He picks up a dummy in the costume, throwing it across the stage and the other actors catch it, at the end of the fight.  In the third fight, Bill Clark doubles Hoss in the long shots with Bob Miles doubling Gunnar.  Dan Blocker and Neville Brand only do their close-ups in the fight.  When Vaca is shot off the cliff on Stage 16, Bob once again doubles him and takes the fall.

         Filmed on location at: Iverson Ranch in Southern California.

         Film date: August 16-23, 1960

 43.) The Trail Gang
         November 26, 1960
         Written by:
 Carey Wilbur
         Directed by: John Rich

         On a cattle drive back to Nevada from Texas, Ben hires a young man who is both an outlaw and the son of the sheriff whose town the Ponderosa cowhands are entering.

         Guest Stars:  Hallelujah Hicks...Edgar Buchanan,...Johnny Logan...Dick Davalos,...Brazos...Robert J. Wilke,...Melinda...Linda Lawson,...Sheriff John Logan...James Westerfield,...Bruber...Richard Devon,...Judge Armbruster....Harry Antrim,...Bartender...Cosmo Sardo...(uncredited; extra),...Trail Hand #1...Bob Miles...(uncredited; extra & stunts),...Trail Hand #2...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra & stunts),...Trail Hand #3...Clint Sharp....(uncredited; extra & stunts),...Blonde Saloon Girl...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra),...Dark Haired Saloon Girl...Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: The opening scenes of the Cartwrights at Lake Hemet are reused for the remainder of season two, beginning with this episode through episode 66.

         Trivia: Vintage actor Edgar Buchanan makes his first appearance on the series.  He plays Hallelujah Hicks in this episode.  He appears later in this season's "Sam Hill" as John Henry Hill, father of Sam.  Dick Davalos plays Johnny Logan, who masquerades under the name of Sam Jackson, until his father recognizes him on sight.  Veteran character actor Robert J. Wilke plays the sinister trail hand Brazos to perfection--and steals the show.  This episode marks Wilke's debut on the series as a heavy, and he would appear as other characters throughout the main run of the series.

         Character actor James Westerfield makes his first of two appearances, in this episode as Sheriff John Logan, the father of Johnny.  He later appears in eleven's "The Lady and the Mark" as Blackwell.  Richard Devon makes his second appearance, in this episode as townsman Bruber.  His first appearance was in one's "The Avenger" as Hawkins, and he returns as other characters throughout the middle years of the series.  The lovely Linda Lawson makes her first appearance on the series as Melinda, the saloon girl who falls in love with Johnny.  She later appears in six's "To Own the World" as Maria Hackett.

         Trivia: The location shots of the cattle drive were compiled from stock footage at Paramount's film library, including a few from Conejo Valley, which was a frequent location site for filming the series in Southern California.

         Film date: August 24-31, 1960

 44.) The Savage
         December 3, 1960
         Written by:
 Joe Stone, Paul King
         Directed by: James Neilson

         Adam's life is saved by a woman known to the Indians as White Buffalo Woman, but who is actually the daughter of Norwegian immigrants.

         Guest Stars: Ruth...Anna-Lisa,...Chato...Hal Jon Norman,...Dako...Victor Millain,...Kaska...Bob Wiensko,...Iowa...Frank Sentry,...Tolka...Maurice Jara,...McGregor...Henry Wills,...Haddon...Larry Chance.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch and Franklin Lake, Southern California with July 1959 stock footage of Joe riding Cochise at Tahoe Meadows, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and 1959 stock footage of Ben and Hoss at Janss Conejo Ranch, and September 1959 stock shot of Joe riding Cochise at Lake Hemet, San Jacinto National Forest, Southern California.

         Film date: August 6-13, 1960

 45.) Silent Thunder
         December 10, 1960
         Written by:
 John Furia, Jr.
         Directed by: Robert Altman

         Little Joe becomes friendly with a deaf-mute named Ann Croft and tries to teach her sign language.  Ann's father is infuriated; he feels Joe and his daughter are becoming too close.  Ann tells Joe that she loves him, and Joe has to explain that he only thinks of her as a friend.  A trapper by the name of Albi is obsessed with Ann and plans to get rid of her father and Little Joe so he can have her to himself.

         Guest Stars: Ann Croft...Stella Stevens,...Albi...Albert Salmi,...Sam Croft...Kenneth MacKenna,...Preacher...James Griffith,...Eb...Sherwood Price,...Tom...Harry Swoger,...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt double for Kenneth MacKenna),...Roy Jenson...(uncredited; stunt double for Albert Salmi).

         Trivia: First episode directed by Robert Altman, with imaginative touches (whiskey dripping off a bible, sequence of what woman sees from a tilted angle), characteristics of his unique vision.

         Trivia: Guest star Stella Stevens as the deaf-mute girl, smitten with Little Joe, appeared in "Highway To Heaven", 23 years later as Stella, and was Mark Gordon's love interest, played by Victor French, in 1984.  The late Albert Salmi as the heavy, who would appear in "The Thirteenth Man", "Search In Limbo", and in "Ambush At Rio Lobo".

         Trivia: Guest star Harry Swoger makes his second appearance, as one of the town bullies, that is harrassing Ann, as Little Joe puts a stop to it quickly.  Swoger previously appeared in season one's, "The Avenger", season four's, "The War Comes To Washoe", "Song In The Dark", and in season five's, "The Gentleman From New Orleans".  Sherwood Price, making his second appearance, as a heavy, previously seen in season one's, "Escape To Ponderosa", also in season two's, "The Secret", and in season five's, "My Son, My Son", and in season eight's, "A Time To Step Down", as Sand.

         Trivia: The Ponderosa is once again redressed, this time as the Croft home.

         Stunt Trivia: Bob Miles doubles for actor Kenneth Mackenna in the scene where Albi (played by Albert Salmi), pushes Ann's father off a steep ledge on the set.  In act four, Michael does his complete fight himself, while Roy Jenson doubles for Albert Salmi in the long shots.  Salmi only performs his necessary close-ups in the fight.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Janss Conejo Ranch, Southern California.

         Film date: September 1-9, 1960

 46.) The Ape
         December 17, 1960
         Written by:
 Gene L. Coon
         Directed by: James P. Yarbrough

         Hoss becomes friends with dull-witted Arnie Gurnie, who is a brute of a man with the mentality of a child.  His temper scares everybody, including the Cartwrights.

         Guest Stars: Shari...Karen Sharpe,...Arnie Gurnie...Cal Bolder,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Freddie...Leonard Nimoy,...Bartender...Charles Tannen,...Mexican...Roldolfo Hoyos,...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunt double for Dan Blocker).

         Trivia: A young, 29-year-old Leonard Nimoy is seen as a corrupt card shark in the saloon. Some years later, when he was working 'Star Trek,' Cal Bolder played Keel, who was part of the Capellan tribe in the episode "Friday's Child." He was later seen in season seven's "The Fighters," who takes on Hoss in the ring.

         Photography Trivia: In the scenes with Hoss and Arnie conversing on Stage 16, the actors do their filmed shots with black felt placed to the rear of them.  The Sand Harbor stock footage is optically printed onto the soundstage shots, called a matte shot.

         Trivia: Bill Clark doubles Hoss in all the long shots of the fight on the Western Street, while actor Cal Bolder does all his fight scenes himself.  Dan Blocker only does his necessary close-ups in the fight.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: July 1959 stock footage of Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: September 10-17, 1960

 47.) The Blood Line
         December 31, 1960
         Written by:
 William Raynor, Myles Wilder
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         Ben feels responsible for the son of a man he was forced to kill, but the young man is determined to get even.  A professional gunman offers to do the job for him.

         Guest Stars: Dianne Jordan...Jan Sterling,...Todd Grayson...David Macklin,...Appling...Lee Van Cleef,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Bert...Norman Leavitt,...Luke Grayson...Allan Lane,...Jenkins...Thomas B. Henry,...Minister...Ed Prentiss,...Charlie...Dan Riss.

         Trivia: The late Jan Sterling plays Dianna Jordan, in her only appearance on the series.  She played Laura Colby Ingalls in the Little House episode "Journey in the Spring" in 1976.  Her daughter is actress Tisha Sterling who played Laura Pollard in nine's "Star-Crossed".  The late Lee Van Cleef plays Appling, the professional gunman who attempts to kill Ben in the saloon.  He's best remembered in the Italian films "For a Few Dollars More" and "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".

         David Macklin plays Todd Grayson in this episode, and is still active in the business and even has his own website on the Internet.  Character actor Norman Leavitt plays Bert, the mercantile owner, along with Thomas B. Henry as Jenkins, the undertaker.  The minister is played by Ed Prentiss and Charlie the bartender is played by Dan Riss. Allan "Rocky" Lane plays Luke Grayson.  He provided the voice for Mister Ed, the talking horse in the TV-series of the same title, that starred Alan Young and Connie Hines.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch in Southern California and July 1959 stock footage at Sand Harbor and Mount Rose Summit, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: September 20-27, 1960

 48.) The Courtship
         January 7, 1961
         Written by:
 Richard N. Morgan
         Directed by: James P. Yarbrough

         Hoss plans to marry the widow of one of Ben's friends, not knowing she is a compulsive gambler and refusing to believe it when the other Cartwrights confront him with the truth.

         Guest Stars: Helen Layton...Julie Adams,...Frank...Paul Dubov,...Sugar Daddy...Lyle Talbot,...Hammond...Marshall Reed,...Jean...Lou Krugman,...Charlie...Charles Tannen,...Card Player...Bob Miles...(uncredited; extra),....Betty Endicott...(uncredited; extra as saloon girl with dark hair),...Martha Manor...(uncredited; extra as blonde girl in hotel).

         Photography Trivia: In the scenes with Hoss and Helen conversing on Stage 16, the actors do their filmed shots with black felt placed to the rear of them.  The Sand Harbor stock footage is optically printed onto the soundstage shots, called a matte shot.  In the scenes where Adam is taking Helen to town, and as they converse in the buggy, the outdoor scenery is a moving rear-projection behind them.

         Location Scenes Filmed at:  1959 stock footage at Iverson Ranch, Southern California, with July 1959 stock footage at Mount Rose Summit, Sand Harbor and of Adam riding Sport through Tahoe Meadows, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

         Film date: September 28 to October 5, 1960

 49.) The Spitfire
         January 14, 1961
         Written by:
 Ward Hawkins
         Directed by: William Dario Faralla

         Joe becomes the target of a tough and vengeful Kentucky family, after he kills one of them who almost sets the Ponderosa on fire and the Cartwrights take in the dead man's daughter.

         Guest Stars: Ma Hoad...Katharine Warren,...Willow...Anita Sands,...Dodie Hoad...Jack Elam,...Bud Harvey...Steven Terrell,...Roy Coffee...Ray Teal,...Mrs. Shaughnessy...Mary Treen,...Bart Hastings...Jack Mather,...Jeb Hoad...Don Harvey,...Hoad Member #1...Claude Hall,...Hoad Member #2...Theodore Lehmann,...Hasting's cowhand...Bob Miles...(uncredited; stunt),...Deputy...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Katharine Warren makes her only appearance on the series as Ma Hoad, with a very young and pretty Anita Sands as Willow.  Jack Elam makes his first of three appearances on the series.  He plays Dodie Hoad in this episode.  He later appears as Buford Buckalew in eight's "A Bride for Buford" and as John, the bum in twelve's "Honest John".  Steven Terrell makes his second appearance, in this episode playing Bud Harvey. He was previously in one's "The Last Hunt" as Jason Kyle.

         Ray Teal makes another semi-regular appearance as Sheriff Roy Coffee, and Jack Mather makes his second and final appearance, playing rancher Bart Hastings.  His first appearance was as Heck Turner in one's "The Henry Comstock Story".  Bob Miles plays the Hasting's cowhand who gets shot off the fence by the Hoad family and Bill Clark does another extra but as Roy's deputy.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Iverson Ranch, Southern California.

         Film date: October 14-21, 1960

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