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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!

Tahoe Meadows - 3
Toiyabe National Forest
Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Tahoe Meadows Photo 27
A more unobscured view of uppermost Tahoe Meadows, with the highest peaks, best remembered from Bonanza's seventh season episodes, as in "The Other Son", "The Lonely Runner", and "All Ye His Saints".  Elevation is 8600 feet.

Tahoe Meadows Photo 28Tahoe Meadows Photo 29Tahoe Meadows Photo 30
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Tahoe Meadows Photo 31
Higher view of Tahoe Meadows.

Tahoe Meadows Photo 32
The uppermost area of Tahoe Meadows, with the lower meadows slighty below the treelines, that frame the lake, and Rose Knob Peak, is off to the right.

Tahoe Meadows Photo 33
Looking slighty off to the Mount Rose Highway; yes, there is actually a road that the eye can see!

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