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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!

Tahoe Meadows - 2
Toiyabe National Forest
Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Tahoe Meadows Photo 16
This very familiar slope was where major filming was done at, in episodes such as "All Ye His Saints" and "Showdown At Tahoe", as well as "The Other Son", and was later used for stock footage of the Cartwrights and Candy.

Tahoe Meadows Photo 17Tahoe Meadows Photo 18Tahoe Meadows Photo 19
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Tahoe Meadows Photo 20
Looking from the upper Tahoe Meadows trailhead and parking lot, down into the lower meadows, and more side-scenery is revealed that was not seen in Bonanza.

Tahoe Meadows Photo 21Tahoe Meadows Photo 22

Tahoe Meadows Photo 23
This is the main trail through the upper Tahoe Meadows, and to the east, is a meadow pocket, where some portions of "The Lonely Runner", was made at, and directly beyond it, the 9600-foot prominence of Slide Mountain.

Tahoe Meadows Photo 24Tahoe Meadows Photo 25Tahoe Meadows Photo 26

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