The Ponderosa Spirit - 3Joan Sherman Markowitz

They arrive.  Hoss leaps down and helps Kara out of the rig.  He then takes the bags and leads Kara into the house.

Joe is sitting on the sofa reading when Hoss and Kara walk in.  Joe looks around and his eyes bug out when he sees Kara.

JOE (astounded): Well, what have we here? Hoss, I told you to stay out of trouble.

HOSS (sheepishly): I did, Joe.  I'd like you to meet Madame Kara.  This is my brother Joe.

KARA: I'm very glad to meet you, Mr. Cartwright.  I hope that you don't think I'm trouble.

JOE (caught): Oh, no, Ma'am…It's just that with Hoss… Well, I've heard a lot about you.  Your work sounds very interesting.

KARA: It is interesting.  We can talk about it sometime.  I've heard a lot about you too.

Joe is very impressed by Kara's beauty.  He's making the most of it.

JOE (almost simpering): I hope some of its been good.

KARA: Oh, definitely.  Your brother is quite a fan of yours.

HOSS (embarrassed): You must be tired, Miss. Kara.  I'll show you to your room.

KARA: Find, Hoss.  I am rather tired.  It's been a long day. (to Joe) If you will excuse me, Mr. Cartwright.

JOE: Only if you will call me Joe.

KARA (laughing): All right, Joe.

Hoss and Kara exit up stairs.  Joe sits as though stunned.  Hoss comes back down the stairs.

JOE: Wow! Wait'll Pa sees her.  I didn't know you had such good taste, Hoss.  You must have some hidden charm I never noticed.

HOSS: To both statements I don't.  But I had to bring her here.  I'll tell you about it after I take care of the horses.

JOE: Need some help?

HOSS: No – I think I can manage it.

He exits.


Hoss walks over to the rig with his head down, deep in thought.  He gets to the rig and without looking up reaches for the reins to untie them from the fence.  No reins.  Startled, he looks up.  The horse is not connected to the rig nor to the fence.  He is just standing there.  He looks to the read of the rig and sees that his horse is unsaddled but still tied to the rig.  He looks down and sees the saddle on the ground next to the horse.  The look on his face is of absolute astonishment.  He takes both horses into the barn.

Hoss beds down the horses, making sure there is water and feed, then leaves.

He walks towards the house shaking his head.  All of a sudden he brightens.  Joe must have unsaddled the horse and undone the rig.  His step is lighter and brisker as he goes towards the house.

Hoss enters.  Joe is still sitting on the sofa.  Hoss walks over to him.

HOSS: Thanks, Joe.  That was a big help.

JOE: What was a big help.

HOSS: Why, undoing the horses.

JOE: What horses?

HOSS: Aw, come on, Joe.  The horses outside.

JOE: I haven't been outside.

HOSS: You must have been.

JOE: Why must I have been?

HOSS: Somebody must have unsaddled my horse and unhitched the rig.

JOE: Sure… you did.

HOSS: I didn't.  It was already done.  You must have done it.

JOE: But I didn't.

HOSS (completely nonplussed): Is Hop Sing around?

JOE: He went to bed hours ago.

HOSS: Quit kidding me, Joe.  Horses just don't unhitch themselves.

JOE: According to you these did.

HOSS: The heck with it.  I'm going to bed.

JOE: I think that's a good idea.  You need the rest.  You're not looking well, brother Hoss.  I think the séance was too much for you.

HOSS: If I wasn't so tired I'd tell you about what Madame Kara told me.

JOE: What'd she tell you.

HOSS: You wouldn't believe me.  Aren't you going to bed?

JOE: I want to finish this book.  Goodnight, Hoss.

HOSS: 'Night, Joe.  See you in the morning.

Starts to turn away.

HOSS (turning back) (continuing): Hey, by the way! Did the mare have its foal?

JOE: Not yet.

Hoss turns again and goes up the stairs to his room.  Not ten seconds go by when he rushes back down the stairs.  Joe looks up astonished.

JOE: Thought you were going to bed?

HOSS: Who turned down my bed?

JOE: Don't look at me.  I don't go around turning down people's beds.

HOSS: It wasn't turned down when I took Madame Kara upstairs.  She sure didn't do it.

JOE: Maybe her spirits did it.

HOSS (seriously): That's not very funny.

JOE: I thought it was.  Go to bed.

HOSS: I'm scared.

JOE: What the devil are you scared about?

HOSS: Madame Kara scares me.  The séance scared me and now this house scares me.

JOE: Don't be silly.  Go to bed and we'll talk about it in the morning. (smiles) Do you want me to tuck you in?

HOSS: No! (mad) I'm sure the spirits will do it!!!

On that line he storms up the stairs.

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