The Ponderosa Spirit - 4Joan Sherman Markowitz

C.U. Joe sitting on couch drowsing, holding the book in front of him on his lap.  All is quiet throughout the house.  All of a sudden the book is flung from him.  He nearly jumps five feet into the air.

JOE: Who's there?

He looks around, sees the book on the floor quite a distance from him.  He walks over to the door, sees it firmly latched and then goes over to the windows.  They are tightly shut.  He walks over to the book, picks it up and then sits down again.

JOE: Must have been dreaming.

He settles down again with the book and starts reading.

CAMERA starts goin up stairs as though someone were walking up them.  CAMERA stops in front of Hoss' door and the door flies open.  Hoss is in bed sound asleep.  All of a sudden the covers come flying off him.  Hoss bolts up in bed.  He sees the open door.

HOSS: What in tarnation!!! Who's there?

He gets out of bed and starts searching the room.

HOSS: Come on out, Joe.  Quit playing games.  I know you're in here.

He looks under the bed and sees nothing.

HOSS: Boy, he sure got out of here fast.

He goes to the open door, peeks out, looks around and then starts to go down the stairs.  When he gets to the bottom he sees Joe still reading.

HOSS: What'd you pull the covers off me for?

JOE (startled): Now what are you talking about?

HOSS: You know darned well what I'm talkin' about.  Don't try to tell me you didn't come up and pull the covers off me.

JOE: You're having nightmares, Hoss.  I haven't budged from this sofa since you left, except to check the door and the windows.

HOSS: What'd you do that for?

JOE (not wanting to mention the book): I…uh…felt a draft and just wanted to check to see if they were closed.

HOSS: Were they?

JOE: Yes, they were.  Now what are you getting at?

HOSS: If the door and windows were shut tight how could you feel a draft?

JOE: I don't know.  Maybe it was my imagination.

HOSS: Well, it wasn't my imagination when the covers came off.

JOE: You probably kicked them off in your sleep.  You've done it before, you know.

HOSS: I know.  But this is the first time they ever flew off!

JOE: There's always the first time.  Maybe you're developing a stronger kick.. Keep practicing… you never know when there might be a prize for cover-kicking.  In the meantime, go back to bed and forget it.

HOSS: I sure wish Pa'd come home.  There's somethin' funny goin' on.

JOE: The only funny thing goin' is your mind.  I'm going to bed whether you are or not.  I can't finish this book with all your interruptions.  You can sit up the rest of the night if you want.  Good night!!!

Joe gets up and goes up the stairs to his room.  Hoss walks around the room, goes to the window, looks out.  He sees nothing, shrugs, and goes up to his room.

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