The Ponderosa Spirit - 6Joan Sherman Markowitz

The rig is parked on a hill overlooking the lake.  The view is different from previous one and it's breathtaking.

KARA: It must make you proud to have such a beautiful ranch and such fine sons to help you run it.

BEN: Yes, it does, Kara.  I sure couldn't run the ranch without them.

KARA: You've done very well in raising your boys without a woman in the house to help you.  Don't you sometimes think that you need a little feminine touch?

BEN (going along with the flirting): Well, that thought occasionally crosses my mind – especially when I'm in the company of a beautiful woman. (changing the subject) Enough of about me.  Why don't you tell me about yourself and how you happened to become a spiritualist.

KARA (laughs): That's a long story, Ben.  It might bore you..

BEN: Nothing about you could bore me.

KARA (smiling): Okay.  You asked for it.  My family came to this country from Sweden.  They lived in a small village there and the villagers felt that the women in our family were blessed with the power of clairvoyance.  When they came to this country they didn't want people to know about this power.  My father was a chef and my mother raised my brothers and me very simply.  But she used to tell me stories of the family power.  I became intrigued with it and studied books that had been written on the subject.  Then I decided I wanted to see as much of the country as I could.  The only way I could earn a living while traveling was to practice spiritualism.  People hear what they want to hear and I've done quite well.  But, occasionally, I do get clairvoyant feelings.  In fact, I felt this way when Hoss cam to the theater.  By his reaction I could tell that what I sensed was accurate.  I told him just enough to wangle an invitation.  I have to follow up on my feelings.

BEN: Well, I'm delighted you did.

KARA: Besides, I wanted very much to meet you.

BEN: And now that you did?

KARA: I am also delighted.

BEN (embarrassed): Well…'s getting pretty late.  I think we ought to head back.

Concerned expression on Kara's face.  Has she gone too far.  Only time will tell.  Ben gets the rig going.  It hits a bump and throws Kara up against Ben.  She clings to him and gives him a semi-seductive look.  Ben puts his arm around her.  Looks at her as if he's going to kiss her then changes his mind.  Straightens her up with his arm, then takes reins in both hands and says "Giddap." The rig then takes off.


Hoss and Joe rounding up cattle.  Joe is looking for strays.  The scene is peaceful and serene.  Some of the cattle are grazing.  All of a sudden one of the cows stands up on her hind legs and does a form of a bunny hop right in front of Hoss's eyes.  He practically falls off his horse.

HOSS: Joe! Joe! Come quick!!

JOE: What's the matter? What are you hollerin' about?

HOSS: Did you see that?

JOE: Did I see what?

HOSS: One of the cows stood on her hind legs and danced.

JOE: Hoss, I think the heat has gotten to you.

HOSS: I saw it with my own eyes.

JOE: Then you had better get another set of eyes.  I think yours are all worn out.

HOSS: Don't be so funny.  I saw that cow stand on its hind legs and jump up and down.

JOE: Hey, diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, did your cow jump over the moon????

HOSS: I tell you, I saw it.  Stick around and maybe she'll do it again.

JOE: I haven't got time to sit and watch for cows dancing.  I have to look for strays before it gets too dark and the light is fading now.  I'll see you later at the ranch.

Joe leaves and Hoss sits on his horse looking as though he had been kicked in the stomach.  Hoss rides up to the cow that danced, gets off and looks cow right in the face.  The cow winks at him and moves off.  Hoss stands there dumbstruck.

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