The Ponderosa Spirit - 8Joan Sherman Markowitz

Hoss is sound asleep.  There is a towel and wash basin on his dresser.  All of a sudden the towel rises, dips itself in the basin and, wringing wet, heads for Hoss's face.  The towel hits Hoss right square in the face lightly and he leaps up as the towel keeps smacking him, not hard but enough to "annoy" him.  He makes a grab for it but it eludes him smacking at various parts of his anatomy.  Hoss leaps out of bed and starts to chase the towel, running out of his room, wet, with no shoes and just his night shirt on.  It makes a pretty ridiculous picture, as he chases the towel down the stairs yelling like a banshee.

Joe runs out of his room and sees Hoss chasing the towel down the steps.  The towel abruptly changes position and goes over Hoss's head and behind him it begins to pop him on the fanny.  Joe starts laughing.  Hoss is yelping.  Hearing Joe he yells.

HOSS: Joe, help me catch this devil.

Laughing, Joe runs down the stairs also clad in whatever he sleeps in.  "KEYSTONE KOP" MUSIC WITH PENNY WHISTLES at appropriate places, such as when the towel makes a furtive move.  The towel, almost as if it sees Joe, wraps itself around his foot making him trip, then unwraps itself and begins to fly around some more.

They are now downstairs and the towel seems to die and falls to the floor.  Hoss leaps for it and just as he is about to land on it it flies away and he hits the floor with a thud.  For good measure the towel pops him on the back of the head.  Hoss gets up, makes a grab for it and slugs Joe who is about to catch the towel.  They start chasing it around the room both going in the same direction.

JOE (to Hoss): You go that way and I'll go this way.  We'll head it off at the desk.

They race around in opposite directions, but in a circle, each going towards the towel which is now hovering in one spot.  Each is keeping his eye on the towel which is about six feet high in the air.  The boys are running at top speed.  Ben enters scene but it's too late for him to yell a warning.  He puts his hands over his eyes as the boys running full blast, plow into each other knocking themselves out cold.  The towel just floats down and covers both their heads.  Ben goes to the kitchen, returns with a bucket of cold water and pours it over both of them.  Kara is standing at the foot of the stairs and she can't help but laugh.  Ben is roaring.

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