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Welcome to Bonanza: Scenery of the Ponderosa!
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Episode Guide
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Little Joe, Ben, and Hoss!
Season Thirteen...1971-1972
Bonanza: The Lost Episodes

Stronger Episodes, But Lower Ratings

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390.) The Grand Swing
         September 19, 1971
         Written by:
 Ward Hawkins, John Hawkins, William Koenig
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         To teach Jamie responsibility after he wrecks a wagon and kills a horse, Ben takes him on an extended tour of the Ponderosa.  At the end of "The Grand Swing", Ben shows Jamie a witness tree, with Hoss and Joe's names carved into it.  Jamie realizes why they have made the trip also and Ben tells Jamie to carve his name in the tree.

         Guest Stars: Betsy Rush...Charlotte Stewart,...Clint Rush...Med Flory,...Harlowe Trapp...Ted Gehring,...Tall Pony...Ralph Moody,...Bill Cooper...Raymond Guth,...Jake Rasko...Lane Bradford,...Charlie Trapp...Bill Shannon,...White Squirrel...Mary Mayumi,...Kale...Chuck Bail,...Sheriff Snell...Duane Grey,...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stunts for Med Flory),...Richard Drown...(uncredited; wagon and horseback double for Mitch Vogel),...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Med Flory makes his last appearance, this time as Clint Rush, Ben's loyal cowhand.  He was previously in two's, "The Dark Gate", and in four's, "The Saga Of Whizzer McGee".  Charlotte Stewart makes her last appearance, this time as Mrs. Rush.  She was previously in eleven's, "The Stalker".  Ted Gehring makes another appearance, this time as one of the wise-cracking cattle rustlers, later in this season's, "The Younger Brother's Younger Brother", as one of the Younger Brothers.  Lane Bradford makes his last appearance, this time as a miner illegally mining on the Ponderosa.

         Trivia: "The Big Bonanza" theme cue is rescored by David Rose in a slower guise for the main title, cast credits, watercolor sequence, and end titles.  The watercolor portraits were virtually omitted for the 1971-72 season.  Instead, the final watercolor portrait of the actress on the stage was used for the end titles sequence.  The scrolling titles would trail up the screen, concluding the episode.  It was also used for the final 1972-73 season.

         Location Scenes Filmed At: Garner Ranch, Idyllwild, California, with other segments filmed at Patagonia and Mescal, Arizona.

         Filming date: June 29 to July 6, 1971.

391.) Fallen Woman
         September 26, 1971
         Written by:
 Ward Hawkins
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         A resentful woman forces Hoss to accept responsibility for her small son after his testimony sends her husband to prison.

         Guest Stars: Jill Conway...Susan Tyrrell,...Dr. Hubert...Arthur O' Connell,...Judge Simms...Ford Rainey,...Petey...Johnny Lee,...Katie Tomlin...Lillian Field,...Colter...Stuart Nisbet,...Becker...Fletcher Allen,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Martha Manor...(uncredited; townswoman with blonde hair).

         Trivia Note: Exterior of the doctor's house was later used for "The Waltons"

         Trivia: Susan Tyrrell as the substance-abusive mother, in a fine performance with Dan Blocker, along with veteran actor, Arthur O' Connell, and Ford Rainey makes another appearance, this time as a judge.

392.) Bushwhacked!
         October 3, 1971
         Written by:
 Preston Wood
         Directed by: William Wiard

         Two cowboys find Joe on the prairie, backshot and delirious, in one of the most visually creative and surrealistic episodes of the series.  Good script by Preston Wood, imaginative direction by William Wiard.

         Guest Stars: Mrs. Patricia Griswold...Peggy McCay,...Mr. Tom Griswold...Richard O' Brien,...Doc Schully...David Huddleston,...Sheriff Truslow...Walter Barnes,...Orv...Anthony Colti,...Fenton...Bill Stevens,...Julia...Victoria Thompson,...Ern Griswold...Keith Carradine,...Steen...Sandy Rosenthal,...Ed Flanders...Evans Thornton,...Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra as Ponderosa hand).

         Trivia: Richard O' Brien as Tom, and Peggy McCay as Pat, the ranchers who take in a wounded and delirious Joe, along with Keith Carradine, as their son.  Son of the late and great John Carradine.  Walter Barnes makes his last appearance as the shiftless Sheriff, seen in previous seasons, as well as Anthony Colti, who was in previous seasons.  David Huddleston as the Doctor who saves Joe's life, later seen in "Little House On The Prairie", making his only Bonanza appearance.

         Trivia: The dream sequences Joe has, are visually stunning throughout this episode.  As he is struggling to live, Ben asks him, "Do you know who shot you?"  Much of this visually stunning piece, with Michael's talents showcased, were entirely edited out, while this episode was aired on the Family Channel.  The last dream Joe has, as we are watching; he is standing in the front yard of the Ponderosa, all lit up and the background is all black.  Ben is trying to reach him, holding out his hands, but Joe says, "I am tired, too tired".  Cameraman Buzzy Boggs used the plexiglass from croquet balls and fit it over the camera lens to achieve the distorted and waving effect seen in Joe's dream sequences.

         Stunt Trivia: In a few of the dream flashbacks where Joe is shot off his horse, Hal Burton horseback doubles him, and Michael does a few himself, just riding the horse on location.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Patagonia, Arizona.

         Filming date: July 7 to July 14, 1971.

393.) Rock-A-Bye Hoss
         October 10, 1971
         Written by:
 Preston Wood, Robert Vincent Wright
         Directed by: Herschel Daugherty

         Hoss is roped into being one of the judges of a beautiful baby contest, with not entirely predictive results.  Humorous, but also sobering, with Hoss telling the citizens of Virginia City that all babies are beautiful until their parents start teaching them bad ways.

         Guest Stars: Cissy Porter...Patricia Harty,...Bert...Edward Andrews,...Elaine Summers...Ellen Moss,...Jim Pinder...George Furth,...Charlie...Ivor Francis,...Rufus...Al Cheeco,...Henry Clagger...Jack Manning,...Lon Meecham...E. A. Sirianni,...Mark Tait...Darrell Sandeen,...Joel Sawyer...Remo Pisani,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Clara...Jan Burrell,...Edith...Gillian Spencer,...Lem Toy...Helen Funai,...Rosanne...Joyce Perry,...Matt Tait...Don Chuy,...Cathie...Cindy Eilbacher,...Gambler...Ralph James.

         Trivia: Edward Andrews makes his last appearance on the series, previously seen as the fanatical Reverend William Johnson, in four's, "Song In The Dark".

         Trivia: First episode filmed for the thirteenth year.

         Filming date: April 29 to May 6, 1971.

394.) The Prisoners
         October 17, 1971
         Written by:
 Arthur Heinemann
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Joe volunteers to help an old lawman escort a slick outlaw to jail, but when their prisoner kills the sheriff and wounds Joe, he must face the task alone.

        Guest Stars: Hank Simmons...Michael Witney,...Sheriff Clyde Moorehouse...Morgan Woodward,...Maria...Priscilla Garcia,...Yancy...Bob Hoy,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Pedro...Manuel Padilla.

         Trivia: Michael Witney makes his last appearance on the series as the slick outlaw Hank, as well as Morgan Woodward's last appearance, this time as the injured Sheriff, that Hank kills as well as ambushing Joe, by the end of act two.  Manuel Padilla plays the young Mexican boy Pedro and later made it to the silver screen in George Lucas' 1973 hit film "American Graffitti" and it's 1979 sequel "More American Graffitti".  Bob Hoy makes his last appearance, this time as Yancy, an accomplice of Hank's.

        Location Scenes Filmed at: Mount Pinos Summit, Los Padres National Forest, California.

         Filming date: May 1971.

395.) Cassie
         October 24, 1971
         Written by:
 True Boardman
         Directed by: Herschel Daugherty

         To help the hapless wife and daughter of a lazy dreamer, Hoss arranges a "fixed" horse race.

         Guest Stars: Kevin O' Casey...Jack Cassidy,...Mrs. Norma O' Casey...Diane Baker,...Cassie O' Casey...Lisa Gerristen,...Auctioneer...Walker Edmiston,...Kandall...Lindsay Workman,...Jensen...Jan Arvan,...Larson...Elliott Lindsay,...Doc Martin...Harry Holcombe.

         Trivia: The late Jack Cassidy as Mr. O' Casey, and Lisa Gerristen as his daughter, Cassie, along with Diane Baker as Mrs. O' Casey in this episode.

         Horse Trivia: Beauty makes his thirty-fourth and final appearance on the series, this time as the black stallion Cassie rides.  At the old age of 30, he is still in top shape.  This is his last appearance in filmed television in 1971.  The following year, in 1972, he developed a breathing disorder and passed away and went to Horse Heaven at the old age of 31.  Beauty and his legacy lives on forever.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Mount Pinos Summit and Lockwood Valley, Los Padres National Forest, California.

         Filming date: May 17-May 22, 1971.

396.) Don't Cry, My Son
         October 31, 1971
         Written by:
 Michael Landon
         Directed by: Michael Landon

         The wife of Virginia City's new doctor leaves him, after their son dies in childbirth.  The doctor snaps and abducts another woman's baby.  A brilliant and touching episode, and for the first time we hear some of the music used in "Forever".  The scene that opens this episode is a squirrel on the front porch and a hint of Michael's love for animals.

         Guest Stars: Dr. Mark Sloan...Richard Mulligan,...Ruth Sloan...Diane Shalet,...Eli Johnson...Dan Ferrone,...Annie Johnson...Ann Whitsett,...Clem...Bing Russell.

         Trivia: Richard Mulligan as Mark, the bright, young doctor in this episode.  He made his first appearance in twelve's, "Kingdom Of Fear", as Farley.

         Music Trivia: The effect music in this episode was composed and recorded by David Rose in different guises for a variety of mood and emotion in this episode. It's all derived from the main title music to avoid sounding repetitive.

         Trivia: While this episode was being made, Lorne Greene fell ill and was rushed to the hospital.  He was complaining of chest and abdominal pains.  It turned out, he had a case of the "Chinese Restaurant Syndrome", just bad food, and not anything such as a heart attack!

         Trivia: Michael is wearing a blue night robe, in a late evening scene conversing with Lorne Greene inside the house.

397.) Face Of Fear
         November 14, 1971
         Written by:
 Ken Pettus
         Directed by: Christopher Chrisenberry

         One of Jamie's classmates witnesses the aftermath of a murder and is too terrified to tell anyone including her militant father, who suspects her of improper behavior.

         Guest Stars: Griff Bannon...Bradford Dillman,...Thatcher...Donald Moffat,...Neta...Jewel Blanch,...Mrs. Griggs...Athena Lorde,...Garroway...Chick Chandler,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Trumball...Tom Gilleran,...Wilma...Susan Joyce,...Dusty Rhoades...Lou Frizzell,...Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback fall for Bradford Dillman and extra as Ponderosa hand),...Bill Clark...(uncredited; extra as Ponderosa hand).

         Trivia: Bradford Dillman makes his only appearance as Griff Bannon, who kills Mr. Trumball and assumes his identity.  Jewel Blanch makes her second appearance as Jamie's friend, previously seen as Carrie, in twelve's, "For A Young Lady".  Chick Chandler makes his last appearance, as well as Donald Moffat, previously seen in eleven's, "The Trouble With Amy".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Franklin Lake, Southern California and June 1962 stock footage at Mount Rose Summit, Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

398.) Blind Hunch
         November 21, 1971
         Written by:
 John Hawkins, Robert Pirosh
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         A veteran blinded by the last battle of the Civil War, returns to Virginia City, to solve the mystery surrounding who killed his brother.

         Guest Stars: Will Hewitt...Rip Torn,...Patrick Clayton...Don Knight,...Laurie Hewitt,...Loretta Leversee,...Keely...Charles Maxwell,...Bartender...Robert Ridgely,...McKay...James Chandler,...Deputy...Larry Ward,...Hal Burton...(uncredited; cowboy in saloon).

         Trivia: Rip Torn makes his only appearance as Will Hewitt, and Don Knight makes his second appearance as the scheming killer, along with a last appearance by Charles Maxwell on Bonanza.  Robert Ridgely makes his sixth appearance on the series, as the bartender.

399.) The Iron Butterfly
         November 28, 1971
         Written by:
Harold Swanton
         Directed by: Leo Penn

         Hoss takes the blame when a visiting actress kills her former boyfriend.  The ex-boyfriend's father, a senator, sets out to destroy the Cartwrights and the Ponderosa as retaliation, for the killing of his son.

         Guest Stars: Lola Fairmont...Mariette Hartley,...Grady...Stefan Gierasch,..Charlie...Allen Garfield,...Senator Carson...Peter Whitney,...Mayor...Jack Collins,...Bennett...John McCann,...Sheriff Coffee...Ray Teal,...Driver...Red Currie,...Fontaine...Mills Watson.

         Trivia: Mariette Hartley makes her last appearance, this time as Lola Fairmont, along with Peter Whitney, as the powerful Senator, also making his last appearance on the series, along with Mills Watson and Stefan Gierasch.

         Trivia: At the end of this episode, NBC aired a 10-second tribute to Dan Blocker when this episode was reran on May 14, 1972 at 9 PM, the day after he passed away on May 13, 1972.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California.

400.) The Rattlesnake Brigade
         December 5, 1971
         Written by:
 Gordon T. Dawson
         Directed by: William Wiard

         Jamie and three other teens are held hostage by the Doyle Gang, who escaped while on their way to prison in Virginia City. This episodes' teaser is the longest in the series at 8 minutes, 30 seconds in length.

         Guest Stars: Doyle...Neville Brand,...Price...Severn Darden,...Fancher...David Sheiner,...Tobias Temple...Don Keefer,...Ricardo...Richard Yniguez,...Judith...Michele Nichols,...Lester...Chris Beaumont,...Tallman...John Quade,...Emily Fancher...Eleanore Berry,...Amber...Scott Walker,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Goatman...Bobby Hall,...Suggins...Biff Manard,...Chavez...Joaquin Martinez,...Guard #2...Clint Sharp...(uncredited; bit part).

         Trivia: Neville Brand makes his last appearance, this time as the notorious Doyle, who demands that he and his gang be set free, or the children of the townfolk will all be killed.  He was previously in two's, "The Last Viking", and in twelve's, "The Luck Of Pepper Shannon".  Character actors David Sheiner and John Quade makes their appearances, John Quade was previously in ten's, "Catch As Catch Can", as the telegrapher, in this episode, the lead prison guard.  Joaquin Martinez makes his last appearance, as a town member whose son is kidnapped by the Doyle gang.  He was previously seen in ten's, "Sound Of Drums", and eleven's, "Decision At Los Robles".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Bell Location Ranch in Southern California, local exteriors at Warner Brothers in Burbank, California and June 1962 stock footage of Hoss and Joe riding through Gooseneck Meadow, Truckee, California.

         Filming date: August 1971.

401.) Easy Come, Easy Go
         December 12, 1971
         Written by:
 Jack B. Sowards
         Directed by: Joseph Pevney

         When Luke Calhoun loses all his money in a stock scheme, he and his daughter Meena stay at the Ponderosa with disruptive consequences.  Luke turns the ranch into a casino and Meena continues her frantic search for a husband, where she left off in season eleven's "Meena".

         Guest Stars: Meena Calhoun...Ann Prentiss,...Luke Calhoun...Dub Taylor,...Pete...Lyman Ward,...Dave...Dan Scott,...Carter...Channing Pollock,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Garvey...Robert Lussier,...Dusty Rhoades...Lou Frizzell.

         Trivia: Ann Prentiss as Meena and Dub Taylor as Luke, make their final appearances in the third and final "Meena" installment in the series' history.  Lou Frizzell makes his last appearance as the semi-regular Dusty Rhoades on the series.  No explanation about his departure is given.

402.) A Home For Jamie
         December 19, 1971
         Written by:
 Jean Holloway
         Directed by: Leo Penn

         Just as Ben begins to formally adopt Jamie, his grandfather shows up to take him away.  Ben tells the gentleman, "He's a young man with his roots in Ponderosa soil.  This is the life he knows, the life he loves, the life he wants".  The episode contains flashbacks to the touching scene with Ben and Jamie in "A Matter Of Faith" and the final scene in "The Grand Swing".

         Guest Stars: Paris Callahan...Will Geer,...Judge Taylor...Ford Rainey,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Jess McLean...Robert Karnes,...Phinney McLean...Robert Carradine,...Miss Griggs...Phyllis Love,...Bill Clark...(uncredited; buckboard double for Will Geer),...Richard Drown...(uncredited; buckboard double for Mitch Vogel).

         Trivia: Will Geer makes his final appearance as Jamie's maternal grandfather, Paris Callahan, in this episode.  He was previously seen in ten's, "The Running Man", as Cal Butler, and in twelve's, "The Love Child", as Zack.  He would go on to achieve great fame in "The Waltons", as Grandpa Walton.

         Ford Rainey makes his last appearance as the judge in the series' history.  Flashbacks are seen as Jamie recollects events in twelve's, "A Matter Of Faith", and also in this season's, "The Grand Swing.  Robert Karnes makes his last appearance, this time as Jess McLean.  He was previously in nine's, "Check Rein", five's, "The Pressure Game", and in four's, "The First Born"

403.) Warbonnet
         December 26, 1971
         Written by:
 Arthur Heinemann, Charles Goldwad and Robert Blood.
         Directed by: Arthur H. Nadel

         Joe is stranded in the desert when his mare falls and breaks her leg.  He falls unconscious from exhaustion and lack of water, and is found near death by a Paiute named Swift Eagle.  But instead of saving Joe, Swift Eagle steals his gun and goes back to the reservation.  His grandfather, Chief Red Cloud, finds the gun and insists they return it and help the owner.  Red Cloud cares for Joe until he gets his strength back and then orders Swift Eagle to take Joe into town.

         In town, Joe meets the most powerful man there, Frank Ryan, who showers Joe with hospitality.  Joe feels indebted to both Red Cloud for saving his life, and to Frank Ryan for extending hospitality in an unfamiliar town.  So when Red Cloud challenges Frank to a fight to the death, Joe tries desperately to keep the peace.  The reason for the fight?  Fifteen years ago, Frank took Red Cloud's warbonnet, and has been proudly displaying it ever since, on the wall in his saloon.  Red Cloud, now an old man, must regain his honor before he dies.

         Guest Stars: Frank Ryan...Forrest Tucker,...Red Cloud...Chief Dan George,...Teresa...Linda Cristal,...Swift Eagle...Patrick Adiarte,...Sheriff...Russ Martin,...Mattheson...M. Emmet Walsh,...Hill...John Wheeler,...Elias...Lee de Broux,...Mae...Linda Gaye Scott...(uncredited; bit part),...Hal Burton...(uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon)...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; horseback double for Chief Dan George).

         Trivia: Chief Dan George makes his only appearance, as Red Cloud, along with Forrest Tucker, as Frank Ryan, also making his only appearance on the series.  Tucker was a hit on the silver screen and later his own TV series, "F-Troop", in the 60's.  Linda Cristal as Frank's girlfriend, of Dortort's, "The High Chaparral", along with Linda Gaye Scott as one of Frank's saloon girls, competing for his affections.  Lee de Broux makes his second appearance, as Elias, the town trouble-maker, later seen as Krater, in fourteen's, "Forever".

         Trivia: Co-written by Robert Biheller (he changed his name to Robert Blood for this script), and was in both "Between Heaven and Earth" and as Napoleon, in "Napoleon's Children".

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Bronson Canyon and Griffith Park in Southern California and July 1970 stock footage of Joe at Old Tucson, which was culled from "The Power of Life and Death".

404.) The Lonely Man
         January 2, 1972
         Written by:
 John Hawkins
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         While panning for gold on his vacation, Hop Sing meets and falls in love with a shy woman.  Their future plans are dashed when a judge confirms what Ben has told Hop Sing: the law specifically prohibits interracial marriages.  An outstanding change-of-pace episode, as well as the only one to feature Victor Sen Yung exclusively.

         Guest Stars: Missy...Kelly Jean Peters,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Judge Hill...Peter Hobbs,...Sand...Harry Willis...(uncredited; bit part).

405.) Second Sight
         January 9, 1972
         Written by:
 Arthur Weingarten, Suzanne Clauser
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

        Hoss enlists the aid of Judith Coleman, a clairvoyant woman who has the gift of "second sight" to find Jamie.  He has been missing in the high country and cannot be found by anyone.  Judith's gifted psychic abilities have had a long history of men casting her off as a witch, so at first she is reluctant to help the Cartwrights search for Jamie, then changes her mind since she owes them a great deal.  Her fiancee, Jess Avery, who is a minister, doesn't look with favor as to her abilities and she may face the consequences of losing him unless she finds Jamie.  Hoss refers to Jamie as his "little brother" for the first time.

         Guest Stars: Judith Coleman...Joan Hackett,...Jess Avery...James Booth,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Station Master...Bob Gravage,...Harve...Larry Ward,...Ponderosa Hand...Hal Burton...(uncredited; extra).

         Trivia: Joan Hackett makes her second and last appearance on the series as Judith Coleman.  She was previously seen in six's, "Woman Of Fire", as Margarita.  Larry Ward makes his final appearance on the series, this time as Harve.

         Censorship Trivia: Pat Robertson, the former owner of the Family Channel, refused to air this episode because it clashed with his religious beliefs. It was compiled into a TV-movie with seven's "The Strange One" (also censored) entitled "Bonanza-The Movie" (1989) on aired on the USA Network.  It was later aired unedited on the Goodlife Network from 1999 to 2001.  It's currently seen on Hallmark Channel through 2007.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Cedar Lake at Big Bear Lake and Franklin Lake, Southern California.

         Filming date: October 1971.

406.) The Saddle Stiff
         January 16, 1972
         Written by:
 Samuel A. Peeples, John Hawkins
         Directed by: William F. Claxton

         Fired ranch hand, Cactus, suggests that Ben is too old to put in a real work's week and challenges Ben to take a job as a ranch hand under the name "Ben Brown".  He takes the job to prove himself better than Cactus.

         Guest Stars: Cactus...Buddy Ebsen,...Paul Walker...Don Collier,...Cass Breckenridge...Charles H. Gray,...Sally Walker...Jay MacIntosh,...Tiller...Hal Riddle,...Tate...Richard Farnsworth,...Yokum...Henry Wills,...Ponderosa Hand...Hal Burton...(uncredited; Ponderosa horse breaker & horseback double for Don Collier),...Ed Jauregui (uncredited; stunt/horseback double for Lorne Greene and Buddy Ebsen).

         Trivia: Buddy Ebsen as Cactus making his second and last appearance, previously seen in one's, "The Sisters", as Jesse the corrupt Sheriff, and a last appearance by Don Collier, as the struggling rancher, seen as other characters in previous seasons, and in Dortort's, "The High Chaparral".  His voice-over talents are later heard in fourteen's, "The Hunter".  Henry Wills makes his last appearance as one of Breckenridge's men, Mr. Yokeham.

         Trivia: In the scenes where Ben is trying to break Hammerhead, the bronc, Ed Jauregui is doubling for Lorne Greene.  In the fight with Cass Breckenridge, Ed Jauregui is doubling in a few shots, in place of Lorne Greene.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Golden Oak Ranch, Southern California and newly filmed June 1970 and 1971 stock footage of Ben riding Buck through the pine forest at Garner Ranch, Idyllwild, California.

407.) Frenzy
         January 30, 1972
         Written by:
 Preston Wood, Karl Tunberg
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         Ben's friend, Anna Kosovo, fears for her life when her hot-tempered immigrant husband turns into a maniac, barricades their home and tries to kill anyone or anything.

         Guest Stars: Anna...Kathleen Widdoes,...Nick...Michael Pataki,...Sandor...Jason Karpf,...Clem...Bing Russell,...Cherokee...Emile Meyer,...Slim...Troy Melton,...Deputy...Dave Cass,...Hal Burton...(uncredited; stunt double for Michael Pataki),...Ed Jauregui...(uncredited; wagon double for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Michael Pataki in his only appearance as the Serbian immigrant who goes insane, a popular character actor, who was even seen in Star Trek's, "The Trouble With Tribbles".

         Filming date: September 16 to September 23, 1971.

408.) The Customs of the Country
         February 6, 1972
         Written by:
 Joseph Bonaduce
         Directed by: Joseph Pevney

         In the Mexican town of Agua Santos, Joe is arrested for taking his hat off in church, and Hoss encounters other odd community rulings when attempting to get Joe released from jail.  Even after 13 years on the air, they could still make you laugh.  Rare and one-time-only voice-over narration by Dan Blocker in the history of the series.

         Guest Stars: Simon...Alfonso Arau,...Ernest...Allan Oppenheimer,...Ines...Pilar Seurat,...Padre...David A. Renard,...Leonora...Marie Grimm,...Blacksmith...Mike de Anda,...Carmen...Annette Cardona,...Racquel...Malila Saint Duval,...Jose...Tony de Costa,...Rafael...George Cervera.

         Trivia: Allan Oppenheimer makes his second appearance along with a first and only appearance by the beautiful Pilar Seurat, seen as Sybo, in the classic Star Trek episode, "Wolf In The Fold".  Tony de Costa who was first seen in eleven's, "The Gold Mine", makes a small appearance as a background character.

         Filming date: October 1971.

409.) Shanklin
         February 13, 1972
         Written by:
 William Felley
         Directed by: Leo Penn

         Hoss lingers near death after being shot by the leader of a band of ex-Confederate soldiers who demand $25,000 dollars from Ben.  Ironically, the only one who can save his life is the same man who wounded him.  Sadly, Dan Blocker died exactly three months after this episode aired.

         Guest Stars: Shanklin...Charles Cioffi,...Dr. Ingram...Woodrow Parfrey,...Irons...Karl Lukas,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Brackney...Michael Clark,...Grange...Scott Walker,...Ritter...Dehl Berti,...Beecher...Denny Hall,...Bogardus...Rance Howard,...Yost...E. J. Andre,...Beasley...Clark Gordon,...Till...Don McGovern,...McLaughlin...Sam Jarvis,...Asquitch...Bill Beckett,...Gaviotta...Eddie Little Sky,...Whitlock...Byron Morrow,...Deputy Clem...Bing Russell,...Mary Elizabeth...Shannon Christie.

         Trivia: The fine acting of Charles Cioffi, as Shanklin in this episode, along with a shaky performance by Woodrow Parfrey as the ill-equipped Doctor, previously seen in ten's, "My Friend, My Enemy", as an attorney, and in seven's, "Shining In Spain", as Jim, the banker.  E. J. Andre makes his last appearance in the series' history.

         Trivia: This episode was aired approximately three months prior to Dan Blocker's sudden passing, on the exact same day that he died on, May 13, 1972.

         Filming date: December 1971.

410.) Search In Limbo
         February 20, 1972
         Written by:
 Don Ingalls
         Directed by: Leo Penn

         While Ben cannot account for one day after suffering a head injury, he is accused of murdering Sid Langley, a man he admits he hated.

         Guest Stars: Sheriff...Albert Salmi,...Zeena...Pamela Payton-Wright,...Mrs. Melody...Lucille Benson,...Sid Langley...Lawrence Montaigne,...Notary...Kenneth Tobey,...Old Man...Chubby Johnson,...Clerk...Lee McLaughlin,...Dr. Jacob Penner...Gerald Hiken.

         Trivia: Albert Salmi makes another appearance, and an only appearance by actor Lawrence Montaigne, who played Stonn, in the classic Star Trek episode, "Amok Time".  He played Sid Langley in this episode, who Ben admitted he hated and is accused of murdering him.

411.) He Was Only Seven
         March 5, 1972
         Written by:
 Michael Landon
         Directed by: Michael Landon

         Joe and Jamie attempt to track down the men who killed an old man's grandson, who was killed in a bank robbery in Virginia City.

         Guest Stars: Joshua Morgan...Roscoe Lee Browne,...Zack Springer...William Watson,...Clem...Robert Doyle,...Jonah...Edward Crawford,...Hal...Jeff Morris,...Troy...Richard Farnsworth,...Martha...Claudia Bryar,...Billy...Sean Kelly,...Dr. Martin...Harry Holcombe,...Deputy Clem...Bing Russell,...Alice...Beverly Carter,...Bert...Napoleon Whiting,...Sheriff Tyson...Joseph Perry,...Ed Jauregui (uncredited; horseback double for Lorne Greene),...Bill Clark (uncredited; horseback double for Dan Blocker),...Hal Burton (uncredited; horseback double for Michael Landon).

         Trivia: Roscoe Lee Browne as the Grandfather of the boy who is shot and killed by the bank robbers, a fine actor and voice-over artist, later seen in an episode of "Highway To Heaven", entitled, "Country Doctor".  William Watson as the gang leader, Robert Doyle making another appearance, as his brother, and Richard Farnsworth, who was previously seen in twelve's, "Top Hand".

         Trivia: Michael Landon reused this touching story, ten years later for Little House On The Prairie's, "He Was Only Twelve".

         Trivia: When the boy is shot inside the bank and dying, the camera shows a close up of his hand clutching a Roosevelt dime and Jefferson nickel.  The dime and nickel are current day currency and not of the 1860's period.  The Jefferson nickel was first minted in 1938 and the Roosevelt dime in 1946.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: June 1970 stock footage of Ben, Hoss, and Joe riding through Garner Ranch, Idyllwild, Southern California.

412.) The Younger Brother's Younger Brother
         March 12, 1972
         Written by:
 Michael Landon
         Directed by: Michael Landon

         Hoss is jailed when mistaken for one of the Younger Brother's, a gang of bumbling outlaws.  When Ben and Joe arrive to have him released, they are jailed, too, as part of the Younger clan.

         Guest Stars: Cole Younger...Strother Martin,...Lonnie Younger...Chuck McCann,...Sheriff...Henry Jones,...Warden...Ken Lynch,...Stage Guard...James Jeter,...Sam...John Steadman,...Pa Younger...William Challee,...Bart Younger...Ted Gehring,...Hotel Manager...Doc Severinsen...(uncredited; bit part).

         Trivia: Strother Martin makes his last Bonanza appearance, this time as Cole Younger, Ted Gehring as the middle brother, making his last appearance on Bonanza, and Chuck McCann as the youngest Younger Brother, making his only appearance on Bonanza.

         Ken Lynch making his last appearance, seen since the first season, along with a last appearance by Henry Jones as the Sheriff, previously in six's, "A Knight To Remember", and James Jeter makes another appearance, later seen as Hans, the blacksmith, in "Little House On The Prairie".

413.) A Place To Hide
         March 19, 1972
         Written by:
 William D. Gordon, Ward Hawkins
         Directed by: Herschel Daugherty

         The Cartwrights try to arrange for the surrender of wanted Confederate officer Cody Ransom and his men, but Major Donahue, who has been pursuing them for years, considers it a personal matter to capture them.

         Guest Stars: Rose Beckett...Suzanne Pleshette,...Cody Ransom...Jon Cypher,...Major Donahue...Hurd Hatfield,...McCleod...John Perak,...Thibideaux...Wayne Sutherlin,...Sgt. Brown...Edward Knight,...Plummer...Stephen Coit,...Hartsfield...Biff Manard,...Boardman...Richard Ryal,...Wells...Reid Smith,...Sheriff Coffee...Ray Teal,...Liscomb...Robert Ridgely,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Twohy...Jay Jones,...Bluebird Ranson...Jodie Foster,...Hal Burton...(uncredited; extra as horse soldier).

         Trivia: Suzanne Pleshette makes her only appearance on the series as Rose Beckett and a very young Jodie Foster makes her only appearance as Bluebird Ranson.  Robert Ridgely makes his seventh and last appearance on the series, once again as the bartender.

         Trivia: This was the last episode Dan Blocker worked on, in the 1971-72 production season schedule on Bonanza, before his untimely demise on May 13, 1972, a short time later.

         Ray Teal Trivia: Last episode Ray Teal worked on in the series's history, although he appears in "One Ace Too Many", which was filmed shortly before this was made.

         Trivia: Last episode made for the thirteenth season, but it was not the last episode aired in the season, because it did not center one of the family members, but guest stars, as per the network's decision not to air it last.

         Location Scenes Filmed at: Franklin Lake, Southern California.

         Filming date: January 1972.

414.) A Visit To Upright
         March 26, 1972
         Written by:
 Joseph Bonaduce
         Directed by: William Wiard

         Joe and Hoss go to the town of Upright, Nevada, to purchase and run a dilapidated saloon, along with Ben and Jamie.  They become reluctant to sell because they learn that there may be a hidden treasure in the saloon.  Matters are complicated by a pending deal with Ben and a woman who insists not to have Joe and Hoss run the saloon.

         Guest Stars: Dalrymple...Allan Oppenheimer,...Ellen Sue...Loretta Swit,...Miss Frost...Anne Seymour,...Blakely...Dan Tobin,...Frenchy...Ernest Sarracino,...Widow Lucas...Fran Ryan,...Mr. Turner...Harry Hickox,...Dance Hall Girl...Beverlee Reed,...Sheriff...Stuart Nisbet,...Telegrapher Operator...James Rawley,...Snedaker...Richard Stahl.

         Trivia: Allan Oppenheimer makes his last appearance on Bonanza; he was seen earlier on in this season, and in twelve's, "A Deck Of Aces", along with Loretta Swit, making her only Bonanza appearance.  She went on to achieve great fame in television's "M.A.S.H." as Hot Lips.

         Censorship Trivia: Pat Robertson, the former owner of the Family Channel refused to air this episode because it clashed with his religious beliefs.  It was later aired unedited on the Goodlife Network from 1999 to 2001.  It's currently seen on Hallmark Channel through 2007.

         Filming date: Tuesday, November 16 through Tuesday, November 23, 1971.  Note:( including Saturday, the 20th & Sunday, the 21st ).

415.) One Ace Too Many
         April 2, 1972
         Written by:
 Stanley Roberts
         Directed by: Lewis Allen

         While Ben is away on business, his evil twin Bradley Meredith takes his place and starts to liquidate the assets of the Ponderosa.  Follow-up to the previous season's "A Deck of Aces".

         Guest Stars: Jordan...Greg Mullavey,...Ellen...Kate Jackson,...Williams...William Mims,...Sheriff Coffee...Ray Teal,...Mayor Harlow...Jack Collins,...Dan Fowler...William Bramley,...Mack Fowler...Bill Zuckert,...Osgood...Harlan Warde,...Dr. Martin...Harry Holcombe,...Hop Sing...Victor Sen Yung,...Clerk...Eddie Ryder,...Wheeler...Gene Dynarski,...Deputy Coghlan...Dave Cass,...Henderson...Richard X. Slattery,...Bill Clark...(uncredited; stand-in for Lorne Greene).

         Trivia: Greg Mullavey makes his last appearance on the series, as Bradley's accomplice, previously seen as Kabe, in nine's, "Commitment At Angelus", and later in Highway To Heaven's, "Change of Life".  Kate Jackson makes her only Bonanza appearance.  William Mims makes his last appearance on the series.  He was in previous episodes, such as six's, "A Man To Admire", two's, "The Bride", and in one's, "The Magnificent Adah".  Ray Teal makes his last appearance by airdate as Sheriff Roy Coffee in the series' history.  At the end of this episode, Bradley escapes once again, and a third installment was anticipated, but never materialized.

         Trivia: Split-screen photography is once again employed for Ben and his evil twin, in act four, when Bradley goes to Ben's bedroom, lays down with something to eat, and Ben comes up from under the covers and catches him.  The last scene of this photography trick is seen in Roy's jail and office, when Ben and Bradley converse right in front of Roy's eyes.

         Filming date: November 1971.

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Production Cost Per Episode: $220,000

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film reel iconCrew Creditsfilm reel icon

Executive Producer: David Dortort

Produced by: Richard Collins

Associate Producer: John Hawkins

Production Manager: Kent McCray

Music by: David Rose, Harry Sukman

Theme "Bonanza" by: David Rose

Director of Photography: Haskell Boggs, A.S.C., Ted Voightlander, A.S.C.

Art Director: George Renne

Edited by: George Watters, A.C.E.

Unit Production Manager: Don Daves

Casting Supervisor: Milt Hamerman

Supervising Editor: Marvin Coil, A.C.E.

Color Consultant: Edward P. Ancona, Jr.

Executive Story Consultant: Sidney Marshall

Assistant Director: Don Daves

Set Decoration: Grace Gregory

Makeup Artist: Tommy Thompson

Hair Stylist: Jeanette Marvin, C.H.S.

Men's Costumer: Dario Piazza

Women's Costumer: Floydine Alexander

Sound Recording: Harley Ramsey, Dick Weaver, C.A.S.

Script Continuity: May Wale Brown

Chief Set Electrician: Wilbur Kinnett

An NBC Production

Filmed at Warner Brothers Studios
Burbank, California

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